How to spend 4 days in Hong Kong


Hong Kong has been one of the most favorite destinations in the world, because of its wonderful ambience, great locals, delicious foods, and amazing sceneries. These characteristics made Hong Kong as travel goals of tourists around the world. Hong Kong is a really great place for everyone making eight million inhabitants in this small island, but it still maintains its beauty and glory. Hong Kong is considered to be as one of the busiest cities in the world and has the biggest hub airports. Even if the place is crowded, for those tourist who are not used to crowded places can still enjoy, because there are a lot of things that you can do in the city that’s why the tourists are distributed in different activities in the city. This four day itinerary will help you organize your trip, steer you off the beaten path and show why Hong Kong is one of the best places to travel in the world. Take note you will not run out of activities.


Day 1.  Let us start with knowing the culture and a little bit of its history, in that way we can understand the locals around and we will know how we can respect their culture. Knowing the history of the place is one of the best starts in any travel.

  • The Hong Kong Museum of History. This is the most important part of a travel, to know and learn the history and culture of a particular place. In Hong Kong, the best place to know its history is in the Hong Kong Museum of History. The museum is holding all the information you need to know about the history of Hong Kong. The museum is holding some of the artifacts, clothes and many more things that describe the history of Hong Kong. The museum is a big museum, which you need to allot at least 2-4 hours to complete the tour in the museum. Take note of these the admission is free every Wednesday.
  • Walk through Kowloon Park. This is the best destination in Hong Kong for those travelers who wants to unwind and just feel the wonderful nature. If you want to relax, then you must head up to the island of Kowloon. The Kowloon Island is a perfect destination in Hong Kong, where you can enjoy the swimming pool, fitness center, little ponds where you can watch ducks and other swimming birds, a Chinese garden, an aviary, and plenty of rest areas where you can relax to escape the oppressive Hong Kong heat. It’s one of the best places to people-watch in the city.
  • The street market in Mong Kok. This is the best place to spend your gastronomic adventure. One of the reasons why Hong Kong is very known, because of this very wonderful market. The Mong Kok market is the best place to try all the local cuisines and dishes of Hong Kong. The market will offer you great gastronomic adventure, the place is also famous because you can buy a lot of souvenirs that you can bring back home. The crowds and sellers really exemplify Hong Kong’s on-the-move essence. The two best markets for inexpensive souvenirs are the Ladies Market (bargain clothing, accessories, and souvenirs) and the Temple Street Night Market (flea market).


 There you go your first day itinerary in Hong Kong. These are only some of the places that you can visit for your first day. If you will not spend a lot of time in this places, then you can also visit their famous Tsim Sha Tsui Waterfront as well as trying the Star Ferry, where Hong Kong is very famous.


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