Three Good Places to Visit When in Switzerland


Art & Architecture in Basel


Contemporary architecture of world-class standing is Basel’s golden ticket – seven winners of the Pritzker Prize have a living design that can be ogled in or around this city on the Rhine. Kick off with a hop across the German border to the Vitra Design Museum, designed by architect Frank Gehry, and devote the rest of the day to Switzerland’s best private collection of modern art in a long, light-flooded building by Renzo Piano – the dream fusion of art and architecture at Fondation Beyeler.



Lago di Lugano


An intrinsic part of Switzerland’s unique charm is its mixed bag of languages and cultures. And no spot on Swiss earth exalts the country’s Italianate soul with such gusto as Lago di Lugano in Ticino, a shimmering Alpine lake fringed with palm-tree promenades and pretty villages of delicate pastel hues. Lugano, the biggest town on the lake and the country’s third-largest affluent banking centre to boot, is vivacious and busy with porticoed alleys, cafe-packed piazzas and boats yo-yoing around the lakeside destinations.



Rural Jura


Tiptoe off the tourist map and into clover-shaped Jura, a fascinating backwater on the French–Swiss border woven from thick dark forests, gentle rolling hills, medieval villages and a go-slow vibe. No piece of scenery is too large, too high or too racy here. Rather, travel in the rural Jura is an exquisite sensory experience laced with inspirational bike rides, cross-country skiing through silent glades, fragrant nights in hay barns, fabulous farm feasts and cheese cut in the shape of a flower.

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