The Saturday City: Auckland


One of the best cities to visit is Auckland. If you want to unwind, relax and get away from the noise and stress in the city, the best place for you is a city as well, but it is very different from any other cities. Auckland is a very famous and quite city, even though it is a business city. The people here respect the lives of every individual that is why you can’t find anyone shouting around or beeping anywhere. Auckland is such a wonderful paradise; it is very ideal place to live. There are a lot of things that you can do around the city. There are a lot of great parks, buildings and activities to enjoy around the city. The city is full of surprises. Auckland is also a perfect destination for family, because of very serene environment, wonderful views and it is very quiet. Another famous thing about Auckland is the beach, they are absolutely beautiful. The only downside about the city is compared to other cities in New Zealand, it is less beautiful, but we do have different perspective in different places. There are a lot of things that you can do and enjoy. Auckland has just started to make their place very beautiful and travel goals, as years goes by I believe that Auckland can offer a lot more in the future. Here some of the exciting places and things that you will enjoy in Auckland.



  1. Bungee Jump. Home to the world’s first Harbor Bridge Bungee Jump operated; this jump is operated by AJ Hackett, the famous bungee jumping inventor. It’s not as high as the Nevis bungee jump in Queenstown but if you don’t want to start with a big jump, this is perfect. This activity is a must try activity in Auckland, the activity is good for the kids as well. The Bungee jump is also a best way to release all our fears and hatreds through shouting. Bungee Jumping is a good start for your Auckland trip. What you will love about Auckland is they want their tourist to overcome their fears, that’s why they put up this very famous bungee jump. Anyone who tried this has great feedback to the place. It is really exciting and it is a must try activity that you shouldn’t miss.
  2. Hauraki Gulf. The harbor is a great place to take a whale and dolphin watching tour. You’ll always see some dolphins but the whales are hit and miss most of the time. If dolphin and whale watching isn’t your thing, you can simply sail around the harbor. Auckland is home of to the most sailboats per capita in the world so you know it’s a good place to sail. Another famous thing to do here is to go watching in the Gulf, there are lots of marine animals that you will see in the place. Seeing these animals are truly stress reliever. You will be amazed by great views of sailboats; it is the biggest port of sailboats in the world.
  3. Auckland Bridge Climb. If you never got to climb the Sydney Harbor Bridge, you can do the 1 1/2 hour bridge climb here. You’ll get a good view of the harbor and surrounding cityscape. Climbing in the bridge is much exciting that climbing or trekking in the mountains. The Auckland Bridge is a great place to witness the beauty of the city. In order for you to do that is for you to be patiently climb for 1 ½ hours. This activity is a really great experience, because as you finish climbing and see how beautiful Auckland is, your stress will pass away.
  4. Sky Tower. This tower stands at 328 meters and offers great views of Auckland and the area. You can head out and walk around the outside and even bungee off it! It’s in the same complex as the casino where you can also find good restaurants. Another great place to visit here is the Sky Tower; anything you need for a day is in this place. There are a lots of good restaurants located in the tower, make sure that you choose the best but cheap one. You can also see the entire city and enjoy bungee jump to the place. It is complete package destination. If you want to relax and party at night they can offer it to you as well, and for those who gamble they can also provide it to you.
  5. Otara Flea Market. Every weekend on Saturdays there is a large Polynesian and Maori market that is full of clothes, food, and local items. This is a great way to spend an afternoon. This is the best place to eat local foods that are very delicious; the flavor is dynamite with a cheaper price. Otara Flea Market is also the best place to buy your souvenirs for you and for your loved ones. Don’t worry about the price, because they can give it to you depending on how much you have.
  6. Visit the North Shore. Auckland’s North Shore is home to fabulous beaches. They’re a great reason to get out of the boring city center. During the summer time, expect lots of people and little parking on the weekends.
  7. Auckland Domain. This giant, beautiful park in the middle of Auckland. During the warm summer months, this place is filled with people running, playing sports, and just laying out. There are a lot of nice walks here and beautiful gardens.


Here are the top things that you should do and enjoy in Auckland. Auckland is such a wonderful place for any type of traveler. Everything that you will do here, will surely bring you a memorable experience that you will surely love. Make sure to include the city of Auckland when you visit New Zealand.

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