How to spend 4 days in Amsterdam



One of many travelers favorite city is the Amsterdam. Amsterdam offers great experience that every traveler is looking for. What you will really love about the place is its rich history, open skyline, the beautiful structures and buildings, and the easy life that you will enjoy. One of the best things to do in the city is to walk or bike around the city that gives relaxing feeling. The locals are also hospitable and you can find a lot of friends around the city. What you will really love about this place is the fact that even you visit Amsterdam always you can still find new things to try until your next visit, which is a very good indication. Amsterdam is a real perfect destination and it should be on your bucket list but, if your days are only limited, then you must follow this four day itinerary depending on the number of the days you will stay. You can follow these for your first four days, then spend the days left on your schedule in discovering more about Amsterdam.


  • DAY 1.
  1. Free Walking Tour. One of the most important thing that a traveler should do, especially if you are new to the place is to do walking tours. Walking tours allow you to familiarize the city as well as to learn how the people live here for you not to look like a tourist. While walking you will learn the history of the place and you can also meet locals or even gain friends. One of the best free walking tour that you can avail is the New Europe walking tour, they provide a great walking tour that most of the traveler really love. It covers a lot of ground and gives you a general overview of the city and landmarks. The free walking tours usually take 2-3 hours, which is good enough to take a quick look how beautiful Amsterdam is.
  2. Canal Tour. Amsterdam is a city tied to the water – it grew around its canals and the taming of the Amstel River. The canals of Amsterdam are incredibly beautiful, and there’s nothing like seeing the city from a boat. Skip the big canal boat tours you see around the city — they’re overpriced. You can often hire a private boat tour for about 20 Euros an hour (look for guides around the Red Light District). Moreover, you can also take the open-air Canal Hopper Small Boat. This is another great activity to do to learn the history of the place, this tour usually takes about an hour.
  3. Van Gogh Museum. If you are a really big fan of art, then Amsterdam is a really great place for you. The Van Gogh Museum is located here in Amsterdam. The place provides a really great view of the Van Gogh masterpieces. The place isn’t that huge but an hour of stay is good enough to be amazed by the beauty of Van Gogh masterpieces. The museum has also the works of Monet, Manet, and Matisse. The best time to visit the museum is in the afternoon.


There you go the things that you should do and enjoy in Amsterdam for your first day. The experience in Amsterdam is a really great thing to do. Make sure to include this place on your travel destinations.


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