Plan Your Next Travel in Ireland for A Perfect Relaxation



Sample Dublin Delicacies at Taste of Dublin


Dublin is increasingly being thought of as a foodie city, but eating out in restaurants for breakfast, lunch, and dinner can be expensive. If you want to taste the best that Dublin has to offer but restaurant hopping isn’t in your budget, you need to know about Taste of Dublin. This food festival takes place every June, and each year the best restaurants from around the city showcase their signature dishes, there is an artisan market, and you can watch cooking demonstrations from local chefs as well.


Keep the Kids Entertained at Blackrock Castle


Travelling with kids can be challenging to say the least. There are many beautiful sights around Ireland, but you have to try and keep your kids entertained at all times. Blackrock Castle in Cork can please both adults and kids, because while it’s a beautiful historic castle, the interior has been transformed into an observatory and interactive science museum. Your kids can even go on an interactive space mission and make decisions to change its course.


Stroll Through the Iconic Trinity College


Dublin is full of iconic buildings but there is none more famous than Trinity College. It is one of the seven ancient universities of Britain, and walking around the campus is like stepping back in time since the university dates back to the 16th century. The college grounds cover 47 acres of land, so it can be a great idea to go on a guided tour so that you can fully get to grips with the history and significance of this important part of Irish academia.


Hit a Few Golf Balls at the New Ross Golf Club


If your idea of a perfect getaway is packing up your clubs and hitting a few golf balls, Ireland certainly isn’t going to disappoint as there are plenty of mightily impressive golf courses over this green land. The New Ross Golf Club is over 100 years old, and can be found in the picturesque Wexford area. Just try not to be put off your game by the stunning Brandon and Blackstairs mountains in the background.


Sample Local Cheeses at Sheridan’s Cheesemongers


Ireland is a country full of greenery, which means there is lots of farming and wonderful food produce. For this reason, it’s imperative that you tuck into as much local grub as is humanly possible on your trip to Ireland’s capital. If you are a cheese fan, waste no time and head straight to Sheridan’s Cheesemongers in Dublin. The staff are friendly, know their stuff, and will always let you try before you buy, so a visit to Sheridan’s is the perfect place to sample the impressive breadth of Irish cheese making.


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