Going Around Ireland


Get to Grips with Rural Ireland at the Museum of Country Life

Rural life has been something extremely important in the story of Ireland as a nation, and this is never more apparent than when you visit the Museum of Country Life in the village of Turlough. This museum covers country life from 1850-1950 with a staggeringly impressive range of temporary and permanent exhibitions. Inside the museum, you can learn about folk life and folklore, how rural life in Ireland was shaped by its natural resources, the activities in the home and on the farm, and the realities of working on the land.

Watch Dolphins at the Shannon Estuary

When you think of dolphin watching, you might think of places with warmer climes such as Mexico, but actually, there is a huge population of bottlenose dolphins off the coast of Ireland by the Shannon Estuary. It’s actually here that many dolphins give birth to their young, and if you are lucky, you might even get to see these young dolphins on a trip out on to the ocean.

Dance, Dance, Dance at Electric Picnic

If you fancy getting on board with Ireland’s summer festival scene, Electric Picnic is something that you really have to experience. This festival takes place at the end of August each year in Stradbally, and it’s often thought of as Ireland’s answer to Glastonbury. There’s a huge amount of live music at the festival with a leaning towards more electronic acts. Artists that have performed in the past include The Chemical Brothers, New Order, Royksopp, and Bjork.

Find Paradise on Dog’s Bay

When you think of perfect beach paradises around the world, Ireland might not be the first country that comes to mind, but we don’t think that any beach lovers will have a smidge of disappointment on a trip to Ireland. There are numerous lovely beaches, but we are particularly enamoured by Dog’s Bay in County Galway. Dog’s Bay has crystal clear waters and is perfectly safe for swimming – you just might want to visit in the summer for warmer swimming temperatures.

Take in a Cultural Event at Triskel Arts Centre

Although Ireland is in many ways a very traditional place, this is not to say that there is no contemporary arts scene to be found in the country, and when we want an injection of contemporary culture, we always head to the Triskel Arts Centre in Cork. Housed in a beautiful Christchurch building, there is always something going on. The arthouse cinema screens cool films every day, and you’ll find contemporary dance, poetry readings, and more.

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