How to Make Your NYC Trip More Memorable?

canstockphoto18923051.jpgDrink Beers and Eat Wings at Blind Tiger

NYC is a city full of incredible attractions, but sometimes it’s the simplest things in life that make us the happiest, isn’t it? Well, if your legs are hurting from all the museums and sightseeing, why not take things easy for a hot second and treat yourself to some beer and wings? If that sounds good to you, Blind Tiger, an ale house in Manhattan is the place to be. Their list of draught and bottled beers is second to none, and their chicken wings with Korean BBQ sauce never fail to hit the spot.

Watch the Skateboarders in Tribeca Skatepark

In many ways, New York City is a youth city that embraces all the subcultures of teenagers, and a good way of embracing the city’s youth culture is by seeking out one of New York’s skate parks. There’s actually quite a number of these, and the Tribeca Skatepark is perhaps the most famous. This park is right on the waterfront, which makes it a lovely place to hang out on a sunny day, and we think that you’ll be amazed by the talents of the young locals who hang out and skate there.

Sip on Wines at the Brooklyn Uncorked Festival

When you think of wine country in the United States, your thoughts will probably wander to California and the Napa Valley. Of course, that’s a great place for any wine lover to visit, but believe it or not, there’s also some wonderful wines being produced in New York state, and you can try some of them for yourself at the annual Brooklyn Uncorked Festival, which is committed to shining a light on New York wineries. The festival takes place at the end of May each year.

Take in the Views From the Loopy Doopy Rooftop Bar

As soon as we heard of the name of the Loopy Doopy Rooftop Bar, we knew that it was a place where we would want to hang out, pretty much all the time. And when we actually visited, we would confirm that we were not wrong. This is actually the rooftop bar of the fancy Conrad Hotel in Manhattan. It has a stunning view over New York Harbour, great cocktails, and there are even boozy ice pops that will get you tipsy in the cutest way.

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