Ireland is for the Adventurous


Get Close to the Animals at Fota Wildlife Park

On a day trip to Fota Wildlife Park, which lies about 20 minutes outside of Cork, you might be forgiven for thinking that you have found yourself in the tropics, because there are many exotic animals that can be found in this park. Bring your kids along and they will have the opportunity to get up close to emus, ostriches, zebras, cheetahs, black spider monkeys, and the Asiatic lion.

Experience Your Best Ever St Patrick’s Day

St Patrick’s Day is a celebration of the patron Saint of Ireland, which falls on March 17th each year. You have no doubt celebrated St Patrick’s Day in your own country and had a whale of a time, so can you imagine just how incredible the experience is in the Irish capital city? In Dublin, Paddy’s Day involves more than just a swift pint of Guinness in the pub. There will be a parade that dominates the city streets, a funfair, music concerts in the street, and, of course, lots of parties that will have you dancing all night long.

Have a Sea Kayaking Adventure at Inchydoney

What better way to explore the coastline of Ireland than to actually get out there on the water? This is something that you can do at Inchydoney, a small island off the coast of west Cork, where sea kayaking is a very popular activity. The sea here is very calm, and this is an activity that can suit all ages and fitness abilities. We guarantee that after a morning of sea kayaking on the open water, you will feel like a different person.

Take a Tour of Cork City Gaol

Walking through the aisles of a former prison might seem like a grizzly thing to do on your vacation, but if you have an interest in Ireland’s social history, we think that it’s well worth the effort. Cork City Gaol opened in the 1820s and housed prisoners from within the city boundaries. The very good audio tour of the prison will give you a lesson in just how terrible life was for prisoners a century ago with hardly anything to eat and hours and hours of hard labour.

Relax at Ireland’s Highest Waterfall

If you decide to take a day trip to Powerscourt House & Gardens, don’t limit yourself to the grounds itself. Surrounding the house, there is a spectacular valley where you can get back to nature. The valley is home to something that nature lovers will love – Ireland’s highest waterfall, which has a height of 121 metres. There is also a kiosk set close by to the waterfall, so if you want to make a day of it and grab a hot dog or an ice cream while you enjoy the waterfall, you are welcome to do so.

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