More to Explore At The Great Barrier Reef



Explore Crystal Cascades


Crystal Cascades are located outside the city of Cairns and it is much tranquil and better swimming spot than some other similar spots. The swimming pool is located roughly ten minutes away from the Red Beret Pub. The Crystal Cascade is actually a stunning and extraordinarily beautiful area in the middle of the jungle with some really deep pools in which only people with strong heart can swim.


Furthermore, you will not find the saltwater crocodile, a very common local reptile. However, this is the best place from which you can watch the giant hand sized orb weavers, the stunningly beautiful spiders. Mossman Gorge Mossman Gorge is located just 5 kilometers from the city of Mossman.


Here, you can see the beautiful river and spectacular waterfalls tumbling through Mossman Gorge. The gorge is particularly famous for boulder-studded swim sites that are totally devoid of crocodiles. It is very difficult to swim in the river because of the slippery rocks, swift currents and flash flooding. There is a 2 ½ kilometers walking track in the middle of the rainforest also including a beautiful bridge on the Mossman River. Here, you can witness the Boyd’s water dragons, musky rat-kangaroos, big bright butterflies, turtles and scrub fowls.


Black Mountain National Park


Black Mountain (Kalkajaka) National Park, within the Wet Tropics World Heritage Area, is 25 km south west of Cooktown. Here, you can see the unique combination of wet tropic species, huge granite boulders, the abundance of marine life including endangered animals and savanna woodland vegetation.


If you are really lucky enough, you can spot the rare ghost bat, the scanty frog, Black Mountain gecko, rainbow skink etc. The granite boulders are so dangerous that climbing and hiking are strictly prohibited. The Black Mountain area also has a historical significance as it was an important meeting place for the members of Kuku Yalanji tribe.


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