Learn More About Italy on Your Next Travel Adventure



Brush Up Your Italian Skills


When you in the main tourist places such as Rome, Florence, and Venice, you’ll see many signs and menus translated to English, but as you start to get off the beaten track, English translations won’t exist and many local people won’t speak English either. This is why it can be a great idea to learn some of the Italian language, particularly if you’re in the country for an extended trip. We particularly like Venice Italian School, which offers solo and group lessons that are fun and dynamic.


Try Traditional Sardinian Comfort Food, Zuppa Gallurese


Pretty much all of the Italian food that we know and love originated as peasant food, but not all of these delicious dishes have reached the Italian restaurants of our countries. Zuppa Gallurese from the island of Sardinia is one such example. Despite its name, it’s not a soup at all. In fact, this is a very simple dish that consists of layers of bread and cheese that are soaked in broth. It’s comfort food at its very best.


Take in the View of Rome From Gianicolo


There is no question that Rome is one of the most jaw droppingly beautiful cities on the face of this planet, but you can only appreciate its beauty from a very limited perspective when you are walking on the street. To best appreciate the whole beauty of Italy’s capital, be sure to make a jaunt up the Gianicolo hill, from which point you can take in ancient ruins, baroque domes, spectacular monuments and more. Walk up the hill from Trastevere.


Enjoy Classical Music at the Festival Del Maggio Musicale Fiorentino


The city of Florence is well noted for its commitment to the arts, and if you visit for a music and arts festival called the Festival Del Maggio Musicale Fiorentino, you’ll discover that the local arts culture is just as vibrant as it was during the Renaissance period. The aim of the festival is to present contemporary and forgotten operas in a visually stimulating way, so if a night at the opera sounds good to you, this festival will be right up your alley.


Join in With the Fun of Sa Sartiglia


The island of Sardinia is well known for its pristine beaches, incredible seafood, and Catalan influence, but if you happen to on this beautiful island in February, you’ll also have the chance to witness one of its local festivals called Sa Sartiglia. This festival is a 3 day event with a strong medieval influence and lots of theatricality, combining jousting, street processions, colourful dressing up, and horseback stunts.


Explore the Ancient Cave City of Matera


The main tourist cities of Italy are great, and they’re popular for a reason, but if you fancy getting off the beaten track, the southern region of Basilicata is well worth exploring. The highlight here is the ancient cave city of Matera. In this town you will have the chance to see sassi, which are beautiful stone houses carved out of the actual cliff faces and caves. This is a place that has inhabited people for thousands of years, and people still lived there right up until the 1950s


Visit and see the thrill of World Ventures!


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