Never A Boring Day in Italy


Have a Day of Learning at the National


Roman Museum The entire city of Rome can be thought of as a living museum, but with so much to cover, you might want to nip into the National Roman Museum, where there is still plenty to see, but you’ll get the abridged version of Roman history and culture. This museum was established all the way back in 1889, and since then it has accumulated an incredible collection, including items from the Roman Forum, coins, sculptures, art, and more.


Have an Artsy Day at the Uffizi Gallery in Florence


Let’s face it, if you are an arts lover, there is nowhere quite in the world like Italy, and it’s more than possible to spend every single day of your trip in the country hopping from gallery to gallery. But if you are tight on time and you can see just one gallery in Florence, Uffizi Gallery is the one you need to know about. Considering that this art museum dates back to the late 16th century, you really are in for a treat when you visit. Notable artists on display include Raphael, da Vinci, Michelangelo, Rembrandt, Titan, and many other greats.


Taste the Truffles of San Miniato


There is no shortage of incredible food to shove into your mouth on a trip to Italy, but while you probably eat pasta and pizza at home on a regular basis, truffles are something more decadent, and it’s said that the best truffles in the world come from San Miniato in the province of Pisa. Pop into any restaurant and be sure to try fresh pasta with white truffle shavings and truffle oil for a taste of true luxury. There is also a truffle fair in November each year.


Take in the Gorgeous Colours of Burano


There are certain places in Italy that, when you walk along the street, are bursting full of all the colours of the rainbow, and it’s something completely joyful to be immersed in. If you’d like to visit one of the most colourful spots in the country, we would recommend making a trip to Burano, an island that exists within the waterways of Venice. All of the houses here are painted in gorgeous bright colours, and it’s the best place for a smile inducing morning stroll.


Throw Fruit Around at the Battle of the Oranges


There are some lovely festivals on the Italian calendar, but perhaps the strangest of all of these is the Battle of the Oranges, which takes place in a town in northern Italy called Ivrea, and it is typically held in February each year, but the dates change year to year. This festival dates all the way back to 1808, and although its origins are unclear, people say that it commemorates the city rising up against a tyrant. As you might imagine, it involves a lot of orange throwing on the street.


Visit and see the thrill of World Ventures!


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