Travelling Cheap – Know What to Bring and Do



If you are traveling alone, minimize the amount of electronic gadgets you bring with you. A camera and a phone are a must. So if you have a smartphone that combines both, and it has Wi-Fi as well as broadband built in, you will have all you need. Unless you are a travel writer, you are not going to have to bring your laptop with you. Remember when you are traveling cheap, traveling light is a way to save money and time and open up a number of cheaper options for travel.


Get a waterproof bag and carry zip lock bags. They fold easily and don’t amount to much in terms of weight. Make sure your back up documents are also placed in a zip lock bag, and so are your main sack of documents. Pack you towel inside of a zip-lock bag inside your luggage, as well as your socks.


The size of the bag should be no larger than your torso. It should look more like an oversized book bag. Anything larger would probably necessitate checking in at the airline counter. As a rule of thumb, only put things here that you can afford to lose.


As for shoes, make sure you have two kinds. The one you wear when you travel should be sturdy and cover your ankles. It should also be waterproof. The one you carry in your bag should be light, and if possible, fabric.


Your body pouch should also be fabric on the outside and waterproof on the inside. They are not expensive and if you find a waterproof one is too expensive, get around it by getting a fabric one and putting the contents in a zip lock bag. It is a cheaper and an effective alternative.


Carry a spare phone, something inexpensive and casts maybe about 20-40 dollars. It must accept a SIM card that you can get from whatever destination country you are. Place this phone in the emergency pack. When you land in your destination country, buy either one or two SIM cards, place one in your Smartphone and one in your back up phone.


The spare phone can be a lifesaver in the event you lose your main pack and phone and gets you to call for assistance in an emergency. Program the number of all the consular services in the countries you are traveling.


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