Go Reef Hopping on Your Next Travel Adventure



Visit Agincourt Reef


The Great Barrier Reef is more than 2000 kilometers long and consists of many sub-reefs, some of which are extremely beautiful and stunning. One of them, Agincourt Reef, is also a famous diving site that contains extremely popular tourist sites such as Horseshoe Reef, Three Sisters, Fish Bowl and Point Black. Here, the large bommies create towers of torn apart corals that make the stunning underwater tunnels and canyons. The area is also famous for its spectacular marine animals such as the unicorn fish, sea anemones and clownfish. Moreover, you can see turtles or yellow-stripe barracuda if it’s your lucky day.


Ribbon Reef


Located on the continental shelf of The Great Barrier Reef, this extremely famous tourist site contains 10 ribbon reefs. This is an exquisite reef that forms a sort of the underwater barrier with passages and reveals some mesmerizing places like Temple of Doom, The Challenger Bay, the amazing Cole Hole Dive sites and Dynamite Pass.


The Osprey Reef


The Osprey Reef can be regarded as one of the most beautiful reefs in Australia, if not in the world. The soft coral trees are found in abundance on the western wall of the reef which is a home to spectacular pelagic animals including crabs, rainbow runners, mackerel, sleeping fish, octopus and the mesmerizing dogtooth tune. Most of the shark activities take place in the north part where they reside.


The Code Hole


The Code Hole is the best and the most beautiful diving site in the world beyond any doubt. Located just 21 kilometers away from the Coast of Lizard Island, the crystal clear water of this marvelous place is a paradise for both divers and snorkelers. It is in fact a surprisingly captivating experience to swim alongside a massive fishlike potato cod that can be more than 2 meters long and can weigh up to 300 pounds. Similarly, this island has become the favorite spot for big game anglers when big marlins are in action from September to December.


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