Events You Must Attend When in SG



Chingay Parade


Chingay comes from the Hokkien dialenew ct which means the art of costume and masquerade. This traditional Chinese New Year parade has its history dating back in 1973 and has grown more colorful and elaborate over the year. Today, it’s one of the most popular events in Singapore with a wide array of dancers, jugglers, percussionists, lion and dragon dancers, acrobats, and more garbed in stunning and elaborate costumes.


It has become a whole day affair since 1990 and ended by a stunning display of pyrotechnics and lights. In the morning a huge and elaborate parade is held along the central areas of Singapore, such as Orchard Road, Chinatown, Outram Park, and City Hall. In 2000, it invited other countries to take part in the stunning parade. Today, it is made up of more than 2,000 performers from different institutions, nations, and groups.


Mosaic Music Festival


The Mosaic Music Festival is a 10-day event held every March at the Esplanade Theaters. This is a feast for music aficionados because it showcases different genres of music from local and international bands. These artists perform in different venues around the Esplanade playing jazz or classical music in the recital studio or alternative and folk songs at the Concert Hall. You cannot only see local artists but avante-garde musicians and Grammy award winners.




If all night dancing and revelry is what you’re looking for, then going to Singapore in December is the right choice. That is because December is the time for Zoukout, a ten-year old dance extravaganza which invites the best DJs in the world. Sentosa Island is the usual venue of this rave party where you can dance your heart away from dusk till dawn. If you want to get big ticket discounts, getting one from their website months before the event is advisable.



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