Tips When Traveling to Italy


Peruse the Collections of the Galleria Borghese


So you’re an art lover, huh? Well, you have certainly made it to the right country, and if you only have the chance to check out one of the many art galleries in Rome, make sure that it’s the impressive Galleria Borghese. Listing the highlights here could honestly take up the entire book, but some notable artists on display include Titan, Caravaggio, and Raphael.


Join in With the Carnevale Fun in Venice


When you think of places around the world that are famous for their carnival celebrations, your mind will most likely wander to Rio and its colourful street parades, but Italy is also a place with carnival celebrations, and Venice is the best city for this. Something that sets a Venice carnival apart from the rest is that Venetian masks play a huge role in the celebrations. Be sure to grab one for yourself – it makes an awesome souvenir.


Watch an Opera Performance at Teatro Alla Scala


Italy is the birthplace of opera, dating back to the sixteenth century when crowds would gather to watch the grand performances and listen to the spectacular voices of the performers. And so what better place to take in an opera show than Italy? There are loads of great theatre venues around the country, but the Teatro Alla Scala in Milan is somewhere extra special. Over the last 200 years, this theatre has attracted some of the greatest operatic stars from Italy, and with a capacity to seat more than 2000 people, the atmosphere is always very special.


Swing by The Vatican


While in Rome, one of the must-do things on any travel agenda has to be a day trip to the Vatican, is its own city-state in the very heart of the city. Once inside, there are many highlights whether you’re a Catholic or not. The Vatican Museums contain spectacular art works, as well as sculptures and even Egyptian mummies. And also be sure to check out the stunning St Peter’s basilica, and climb to the top for an exceptional view out across the Vatican and beyond.


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