Travelling Cheap – Know What to Bring and Do (PART 1)



The first trick to traveling on the cheap and the best way to enjoy every destination is to travel light. Enjoying yourself requires that you have zero cares in the world, which includes your baggage. You must pack your bags with two rules in mind. One is that you must be able to throw that bag on your shoulder and walk. That means pack light. The second is that if you lose your bag, it shouldn’t make one ounce of difference to you. Being light on your shoulder and light on your mind.

Traveling light does a few things for the budget as well. It allows you to take budget transportation easily without the need to lug around heavy luggage that will most likely cost more and blow the budget. Think about it this way, each extra pound you carry reduces the distance you can travel. So if you want to see more, carry less.

In most places that are great for travel, like the beaches of Borneo, or the mountains of Peru, or even the foothills in Nepal, carrying heavy bags is an impediment. Learn to live simply and you will enjoy your travel.   While we are on the subject of packing, consider having two pouches, stored in different locations, on your person. One is your main pouch where you will carry your passport, travel documents, the bulk of your cash, credit cards, prescription medication and travel itinerary; also include a note clearly explaining any allergies to medication, your blood type and the phone number to contact in case of emergencies.

Your second pouch, which should be in a body pouch that is strapped next to your skin under clothes, should carry an additional set of government identification, traveler’s checks, ATM cards, phone number of the embassies or consulates, emergency contact numbers, and a map.

The two pouches are for a very simple purpose. In the event one gets stolen or just lost, you must always have a second set of documents that will get you to the consulate as fast as possible. If you lose your papers, cash, and travel tickets, stop your vacation and head straight to the embassy.

Your travel pack should contain clothing that is appropriate to the location. If you are traveling in hot zones, light, short and thin are not always the solution. Find out how the locals dress to adapt to the heat. The same goes for more temperate climates or even frigid locations.   Pack in a way that you can bring everything you pack on board as a carry-on. Do not check anything in. The possibility of losing your luggage can ruin an otherwise perfect vacation.



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