Victoria and The City of London



Victoria is a small district in Westminster in Central London, and its main central hub is the Victoria Train Station.  Millions of people pass through Victoria each year, and so its hotel district is also one of London’s largest.  Commuting from here should be fairly easy, as it is also a major hub for transport vehicles such as bus and taxi services.  It’s a very convenient area for those flying into Garrick.


Expect to see a lot of fellow tourists in this area, as there are a lot of available budget accommodations, though be aware that they may be sold on during weekends, when room rates are cheaper.  If you intend to find accommodations in this area – where it is close to Buckingham Palace and the Changing of the Guards, you may want to book your rooms early on.


The City of London is both a city and a county that is situated within the Greater London metropolis.  It is located within central London, and is sometimes referred to only as “the City.”  It comprises mostly of the area wherein the original Roman settlement is located – up until London’s development in the Middle Ages.  So in a very real way, the City of London “is” London.


The City continues to be a major business and financial centre – Lloyd’s building and insurance businesses to the east, and outside of the City, at Canary Wharf.  The area has a rich commercial district – with insurance companies, banks, the London Stock Exchange, and trading.  While only around 7,000 people reside in the City of London, an estimated 300,000 commute to and from the City for work.  The Inns of Court are also located here – in Temple and Chancery Lane. The City’s tourism is therefore focused mainly on the business elite – and this is reflected in their prices.


If you are traveling on a budget, or if you have a large family with kids, this area might not be convenient, or relaxing for you.  Most of the landmarks here include historic churches – this would be a good place to stay if this is what you came to see.  Travelers might find it better to come to the City during weekends though – when the businesses men and women have gone home, and hotel rates have dropped.  There are a number of hotels near the Tower of London, and they are diverse enough to offer you a choice between 4 star hotels or budget accommodations.


Other landmarks include St. Paul’s Cathedral, the Tower of London and Tower Bridge, the Globe Theatre, Tate Modern, and Borough Market.  In recent years, riverside warehouses have made way for bars and restaurants, so there is more in the way of entertainment, too. There are two stations – London Bridge and Liverpool, and they have direct trains to Gatwick, Stansted, and Luton Airports.  Heathrow Airport, on the other hand, is not recommended if this is your intended location.


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