Traveling with a Dog


Dogs are man’s best friend. It is very difficult to leave them to someone else if we travel to another place.

Here are some tips for taking your dog abroad:

  1. Plan. Some international locations like the UK require special tests four months before you arrive. The steps are not difficult but waiting times may vary.
  2. What’s in a breed? You probably have a pug or other short-nosed breed, many airlines won’t permit them due to increased difficulties in breathing while on the plane.
  3. Inspect or carry? Check if you’re going to determine your pet as cargo or bring them on the flight with you. In case your pet is not up to 25 lbs, it is up to you. If your pet is over 25 lbs, then they have got to be checked within the cargo area. In the event, you are checking your dog, then you need the right sized service.
  4. Call ahead. Some airlines need you to call them and book a reservation for your pet; other do not. Know their policy. Make sure to know the temperature requirements. There are times that it is too hot or cold in cargo for your pets.
  5. Compute the cost. Go non-stop if you can.
  6. Make sure that your pet fits. Your pet should be able to move freely inside the carrier. Carrier should be airline approved.
  7. Make sure to that you had your shots. You may need a certified vet to fill out a form stating that your dog has had the required rabies shots.
  8. Never mind sleeping pills. At the same time, you may need to pass out with some Ambien on the flight over, do not do your pet the equal favor. Any sort of tranquilizer is prohibited, as they may be able to make it complicated to your pet to breathe in the pressurized cabin. As a substitute, Benedryl is advised, and the dogs will have a nice sleep like babies.
  9. Food and drink. Remember to tape water bowl and food to the top of the carrier in case you are checking your dog into cargo. Label them in case you get separated from your pet and they need to feed them.
  10. THIS SIDE UP. Make sure to mark your carrier with signs like warnings and your contact details in case you get separated.


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