Travelling with Instagram: When to post a picture?


Social media has conquered everyone’s life especially during a travel. They pose and post. You keep everyone updated on your life events.

Instagram is one of the most sophisticated yet most exasperating social media site ever. It can be such a spoiled child to discipline, but once you get it, you can be an expert when it comes to publicity, followers and commitment.

Instagram is used worldwide. People use them depending on their time and their usual routine. You must consider the time zones. We all live on different time zones. People may not be updated about your travel posts if they are on different time zones and would mean zero exposure. Instagram now plays an important part in the life of a traveler. So, if you want to expose your adventures, be sensible and be aware of the things around you.

Why it is an issue?

If you want to expose and grow your Instagram account with your travels, never post your travel pictures in a wrong time. You need to plan when to post them or else your effort would be useless as they would become hidden under piles of other Instagram posts. And will be totally a waste of time.

When is the best time to post pictures on Instagram?

Obviously, we should be familiar with our target viewers. If you tend to have a lot of viewers in the United States, then you should follow their time when posting. When you live in South East Asia, posting your travel pictures at daytime will not give you best results. Always consider peak times in the US to receive more interaction from your followers, comments and likes.

7am, 5pm, and 2am United States Eastern Standard Time (EST) are the best time to post your travel pictures because these are the times when people are not busy or not working. These are the times when they just woke up, got off school or office, and bed time. Compare yourself with these, they are the times when you like scrolling down and watching your Instagram feed.

If you are aiming for high Instagram interactions, then you should try these tips. Do not let your beautiful pictures to wasted. Share your moments to the world. Let them see the excitement and fun of travelling. Give people some ideas about the places you have visited.


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