24 Of the Cleverest Travel Hacks You’ll Ever Need



  1. When booking flights and accommodations online always make sure that you use incognito browsing. Travel websites almost always track your visits and can lift the cost without problems considering you’ve visited them before.
  2. Place a dryer sheet for your suitcase to hold your garments smelling fresh and to diminish static.
  3. To decrease wrinkling in folded clothes, try using tissue paper.
  4. Roll your clothes to save space in your luggage.
  5. Pill containers make fine organizers for jewellery and accessories.
  6. Glasses case are ideal for chargers and cables.
  7. Put folded underwear and socks in your shoes to save more space.
  8. Use plastic straws to carry small size parts of products like shampoos, conditioners, Sun lotions, and others.
  9. A binder clip will protect the blades of shaving razors.
  10. Fold your soap in a face cloth.
  11. Wrap your footwears in a shower cap.
  12. Use binder clip to wrap your headphones cables around it to avoid being tangled.
  13. Use empty Tic Tac containers to keep your hair clips in place.
  14. Use belts to line collars to preserve their folds.
  15. Refill used small sized containers instead of purchasing new ones every time.
  16. Use a pen spring to guard chargers from bending and breaking.
  17. Use Google Maps offline by using typing “OK Maps” and the obvious field will be used for future entry.
  18. Use your empty plastic water bottle and fill up it again after passing the airport security instead of buying water on the airport.
  19. When saving seats for two people, choose the aisle and window seats. If middle seat is available or empty, then you get the whole row, and if it not available, then just ask to swap seats so that you could sit down next to your partner/friend.
  20. If you happen to forget your plug, you can charge your gadgets through the USB slot on a television.
  21. Use your smartphone’s camera.
  22. Get WiFi passwords with the use of Foursquare comments.
  23. Bring a power extension with multiple sockets and be of help for other travellers too.
  24. On the last day of your journey abroad, accumulate all your loose change and help the homeless by giving it to them for free.


You can share these valuable hints with others for a safe and comfortable travel.


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