To Do’s Before Your Road Trip

waterpark-canadas-wonderland.jpgRoad trip is fun and enjoyable. We need to make sure that our vehicles are safe to use and ready to drive for a long journey. This will avoid breakdowns or mechanical issues. After carefully checking them, then you are good to go to enjoy the open road.


Walk around your vehicle to check if there are any issues that needs your attention.

Vehicle’s lights

Lights are one of the most important parts of a vehicle to be checked especially for long journeys. Ask for someone’s assistance to help you switch the lights on while you are examining them.


Make sure that your side mirrors are clean and free from cracks or damages. Avoid things that could block the view of your rear mirror. Always keep your baggage in a place where you can avoid distraction.


Always check the pressure of tires. Make sure that your tires are not inflated too much as it may cause rougher ride. Low pressure may damage the rims and may eat more fuel.


Make sure they are clean and clear as reflection may cause you from not seeing the road clearly.


Spot the leaks. It is important to check for leaks before leaving such as engine oil, transmission fluid, engine coolant and gas.

Engine oil

If the color is too black, you may need to change it. Ask for a mechanic’s assistance if you are not sure how to do them. If it is too low, you may need to fill it up. Always make sure to have a spare with you so you can top it up when needed.

Transmission fluid

Always check the level and condition. Normal color should be red or pinkish. If the color turns dark, change the fluid immediately before departing. Transmission makes smooth gear shifting and it could also serve as a coolant. Always make sure that it does not run out as it could damage the transmission.

Engine Coolant

It regulates the temperature of the engine. So never forget to check it as it will overheat and may cause the machine to shut down.


Check if the battery has corrosion at the terminals.

Air Filter

If the air filter is blocked, it will discontinue the supply of air into the engine. Always make sure that your air filter is clean.

Brake fluid

Always leave your vehicle’s brake fluid near the full indicator. It is the most important thing in vehicle safety.

Power Steering Fluid

Always make sure to top it up to avoid exerting too much effort when maneuvering.

Windshield Washer Fluid

Full windshield washer fluid means clearer and safer driving.

Windshield Wipers

Check if they are working to maintain safe visibility on the road.

Spare tire

Extra tire should be properly inflated.

It is better to fully check them to have a safe and stress free journey on the road.

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