Japan for Travellers Who Are Kids at Heart


Embrace Your Inner Child at the Tokyo Kite Museum


This is certainly not one of the major museums to be found in Tokyo. In fact, it’s located in a room above a restaurant. But if you have a fondness for Japanese crafts and the days you spent flying kites as a kid, this charming Tokyo attraction will be right up your street. The space contains around 300 kites, many of which are hand painted with the most incredible detail, depicting stories from Japanese folk tales and legends.


Ride a Glass Bottom Boat in Okinawa


As a set of Islands, Japan is a country that has a lot of ocean to be explored. Over in Okinawa, there are 150 islands and crystal clear waters with so much impressive marine life under the sea. If you don’t fancy the effort of going on a dive, another way of exploring the oceans there is by taking a trip on a glass bottomed boat. You’ll get to see clown fish, butterfly fish, a beautiful selection of coral, and much more right up close.


Rent a Tandem Bike in Yoyogi Park


Although Tokyo is a large and bustling city, it also has a good number of green spaces where you can walk around, find some peace, and get back to nature. Yoyogi Park is one of the largest parks in the city. If you happen to be travelling with a partner, one of the most romantic things to do is rent a tandem bicycle in the park, and cycle your way through the greenery together.


Buy a Daruma Doll in Takasaki


Daruma dolls are extremely important objects in Japan. These traditional Japanese dolls depict the founder of the Zen Buddhism sect, and they are used as symbols of good luck and the ability to persevere. Takasaki is a too often ignored small city to the northwest of Tokyo, and the production of daruma dolls is something of a specialty here. This is definitely the place to seek one out, and it’s worth taking a walk around the Daruma Doll Museum while you are at it.


Bungee Jump Off a Bridge


Looking for a way to really get your heart pumping and raise your adrenaline while you’re on your travels? We have just the thing for you – a bungee jump off Ryujin Bridge. This is the largest bridge on mainland Japan, and it covers a huge V shaped ravine that you will take the jump into. As you approach the bridge, you’ll hear the faint screams of other people who have decided to make the plunge, and if that doesn’t put you off, the jump will make you feel the most alive you have ever felt!


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