How to Choose Cheaper Countries to Travel To


Obviously if you are a budget traveler or backpacker and you want your money to go further, then your first smart decision would be to choose cheaper countries. Countries like South East Asia, some parts of Eastern Europe and South America and even some parts of Africa

South East Asia

This place is amazing and you can travel most of this area with around $1000 a month if you’re careful and don’t fly too much. Think Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, Nepal, India, Malaysia, Philippines and Indonesia.

Thailand is still a favorite because of its popular beaches, cities, awesome infrastructure making it easy to get around and your money still goes a long way.

Cambodia you can get away with doing some stuff that you couldn’t do anywhere else, is very cheap and the people are very friendly.

Vietnam is an emerging country that is catching up fast, no wonder more and more expats are moving there. It has beautiful countrysides, bustling cities and it’s also incredibly cheap.

Nepal and India are also very cheap, some of the cheapest out of all these countries. They both have amazing scenery since they are so close to the Himalayas, the people are friendly and you can get by on very little money. They do have a big problem with the power and internet cutting out multiple times a day so that can be very frustrating, but amazing countries to visit for very little money.

Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines are all home to some beautiful beaches, great people and great prices. The water at some of the beaches in these countries is crystal clear and world class.

South America

South America is still home to some cheap countries but has a completely different personality to Asia. Bolivia, Peru, Nicaragua, Chile, Ecuador and Panama are all the cheaper options for cheaper travel.

Bolivia is the definitely the cheapest and may even be one of the cheapest countries in the world but of course it’s also a little more third-world too.

Peru and Chile are about the same and give you great bang for your buck with Peru giving you access to the beautiful Machu Picchu. Chile is slightly more expensive if you stay in Santiago but has a slightly ‘posher’ feel and is a great point to visit other cities from.

Ecuador is cheap for pretty much everything and has great weather and Panama is becoming more popular with some great beaches and of course is still very cheap.


The majority of Eastern Europe is going to be your best bet for cheap travel; some places are even nearly as affordable as South East Asia.

Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Ukraine, Romania are quite cheap options, with Poland and Germany not too far behind.

All these countries you could get by on around $1500 a month if your thrifty and don’t drink too much. With eating and accommodation being quite cheap (especially if you want to stay longer and sign a short term lease) it will be just your entertainment money that you need to account for.


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