Basic Bits and Pieces You Will Need For Cheap Travel


The great thing about cheap travel is it obviously costs very little. You would need and accumulate less ‘stuff’ and so your bag should just be smaller.

Well that’s where you need to start, having a small compact bag that will make your traveling life so much easier, and that there is just no other way I believe.

People believe that you’ll need 17 different types of shirts, 6 pairs of shoes, 12 pairs of socks and 8 pairs of shorts!

Ok, that is not true. It is amazing how little you really need to travel around the world. I have done it with a bag that was less than 65 liters with a 25 liter carry bag and even that was way too much.

At the end of the trip I found out that over 6 months of travel there were bits of clothing that I had only worn once! Yet I lugged them around everywhere.

So you need to look at your clothes and really think about whether you are going to wear them and whether you feel comfortable in them.

The other great thing about cheap travel is you can still buy clothes if you are running short, because in certain countries they can be bought extremely cheap. So be sure to keep that in mind when packing your bag.

Only pack the necessities, pack smaller bottles of stuff like shampoo, shower gel etc. It can be bought pretty much anywhere so stop worrying about that.

When traveling light you have to get used to the idea that you won’t be wearing a nice, new outfit every single day. You will be getting dirty, dusty and wet so forget about having beautiful, clean clothes for long! Keep one nice pair of clothes for going out.

You just need the most basic ones. Here’s a list of what you should always bring:   Toiletries Toothpaste, toothbrush, floss, hand sanitizer, moisturizer, liquid soap, sunscreen, ear plugs for snoring dorm mates, deodorant, etc.

For your phone, shaver, iPod and/or laptop, do not forget an international plug adaptor too, one that fits every country too so as to save you buying a different one everywhere you go.


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