Tips on How Single Moms Can Enjoy a Vacation With Kids


You planned this vacation for your kids.  They are very  excited and you intend to give them the best vacation of their life.  As usual, you are going alone as a single mom.  As the date of the vacation approaches, you have this feeling that you need to also loosen up and rest. You suddenly realize that you have worked for so long and you have not given yourself a chance to go on a vacation alone.  How can this be possible when your kids are relying to you.  Below are some tips that you can consider.

Have a babysitter. You can bring their nanny on the travel, so that you can be assisted and helped.  There are also some destinations who offer the service of trained room babysitter.  They can watch your kids at night, so that you can also go out and have a night life.  This will be an additional expense, but you would not regret having one.

Opt to travel with a close friend.  Your friend fully understands how much you need a break and a rest.  There is no need for further explanations and compromises.  Your friend can take charge of the kids during the times when you want to have your own space.

Consider staying in your room.  You do not necessarily have to go out somewhere to explore.  You may want to consider staying in your hotel room with your kids.  You can bring play activities, watch movies while enjoying the pizza or pasta that you ordered. With that, you can bond with the kids while lying in bed.

Look for kid-friendly activities.  Research ahead regarding the activities and amenities that are offered at your chosen destination.  Book prior to travel if you need to.  Surely, there will be activities which your kids can join without your supervision.  Use that time for your quiet moment and for a break.  Even it is just an hour or two, it will mean a lot.

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