Tips in Planning a Successful Trip as a Single Parent


When you are a single parent, you are always working on finding and making time for your kids.  As much as possible, you want to bond and spend quality time with them.  Traveling is a great option; however, you may be worried that it may not turn successful as you want it to be.  Since it seldom happens, it should be memorable and rewarding.  Right planning is the key. Below are some simple tips to remember during the planning.


Know everything that you are supposed to know.  Do your research.  Make sure that check every significant detail regarding your destination.  Is the accommodation safe and clean?  Are there restaurants that are kid-friendly?  How much is the crime rate?  Is there any existing outbreak?


Make sure to have an itinerary.  You may not consider this very important, but it is.  Having a definite schedule to follow can lessen hassles and can make things easier for you  Never risk to just go to your  destination without a detailed plan.  Even the smallest details must be planned, starting with the time of leaving, the meals to eat, the napping and bedtime and all the activities that you intend to do for each day.


Orient kids about emergency situations.  Prior to the big day, remind them regarding what to do in case of emergency situations.  If the kid is capable of bringing a phone, it must be fully charged at all times.  Important contact numbers should be saved on the phone.  They should know how to get help if in case you separated or someone gets lost.  They should know who are the best people to ask assistance  like the police or security guards.


Create excitement.  kids easily get bored and they are also moody.  Involve them to the planning stage.  Make sure that they take part on it, consider their suggestions and let them pack their own little bag.  Allow them to decide regarding the clothes and toys that they  want to bring and the shoes they want to wear.  Make them look forward to what is in store for them.



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