Life-Threatening Travel Misdeeds


During a travel, the most common goal is for fun and pleasure.  There are various travel tips that you are already aware of in order to make your travel smooth and stress free.  Apart from these, you should also be familiar with things that can cause you serious problem or can even threaten your life or your loved ones when committed.  Below are some of those life-threatening travel misdeeds that you should avoid.


Too much alcohol or liquor intake. It is common to be with friends, enjoy, go out and have a night life; however, drinking too much may put your life to too many risks. Apart from its negative effect to your blood pressure, it may also lead you to be out of control and you may lose consciousness.  People who are drunk can be an easy target for being robbed and harassed; especially for women.  They are also prone to accident and injury.


Broadcasting your possessions.  As much as possible, you are reminded to leave your valuables at home if you are going to travel.  You are also reminded not to display jewelry and gadgets when in public.  If you are in a foreign country surrounded by strangers, it would  be too risky to announce or brag about your wealth.


Going without doing sufficient research.  It is a must that before going, you should know the possible risks that you may encounter.  You should determine if you need immunization or vaccination.  Is the country experiencing any outbreak? Do an advance research in order to prepare yourself for the worst.


Not giving reverence to local culture and practices.  Again, research is a must.  Failure to do so may offend the locals or may even cause you to be sent to jail.  Remember that your country’s belief and practices may be different from them.  Even simple instances like your choice of clothing and choice of words may offend the locals.



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