Las Vegas for A Day


Everybody knows how busy Vegas is, especially during weekends and holidays. It is quite obvious that the reason why it is very popular is that because many travelers actually look for places where they can escape and experience a variety of events even for just a limited time.

Summer is definitely not the peak season in Vegas, as compared to other countries worldwide. The temperature during the day may vary from a hundred to a hundred and ten degrees. This best explains why tourists don’t like visiting the place during summer, unless they are more than willing and comfortable to the scorching heat.

It is advisable to visit Vegas during winter season. During these months, daytime temperatures can go up to 70 degrees. This is the perfect time to go swimming and take a few walks on the street without being burned alive.

If you have limited time, you can actually enjoy Vegas in a day. Listed below are some of the must try activities in Vegas and important tips that you should follow to make your day trip hassle free and fun.

Get a Driver

It is best to hire a car with a driver. Uber and other transportation applications are not popular in Vegas. You can only see cabs on hotels. A car rented with a driver can definitely save you time and prevent you from getting lost because you are with someone who is very familiar with the place.

Try the Deuce

Deuce is the popular double decker bus that runs on The Strip. You can experience a great ride for only $8 per person. You can use the ticket for 24 hours and you can take as many trips as you want. If you want to explore more shops and dining places on The Strip, this must be the most befitting, exciting, and fastest solution one can ever think of

Few Walks on The Strip

You can definitely walk around The Strip with a glass filled with alcohol, but this can’t be brought to bars. You are not allowed to do this especially on Fremont Street. This place seems to have a strict policy when it comes to this matter. Nightlife is definitely alive in The Strip. Aside from bars, you can enjoy some restaurants and shops as well.


Now that you have enjoyed roaming around the city with a driver and riding the popular deuce, your day won’t be complete without some drinks and party. You’ve got a lot of choices in Vegas when it comes to clubbing. Most hosts are aware that men usually come to enjoy some drinks and be accompanied by women. So you can expect them to accommodate you very well.


Of course, just like in any other tourists’ destinations, somehow you are expected to give a tip. You will definitely get excellent services if you are willing to give extra bonuses to Vegas’ locals. Fair enough, right?

Happy travel!


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