Five Best Attractions in Michigan


When you go to Michigan, there are several various tourists’ spots that you should give time to enjoy and discover. Some of them are perfectly suited for family bonding while others are a bit focused for the mature ones. Enjoy the fun and live life in Michigan!

Where to go?

Travelling to Michigan’s top 5 tourists’ places will make your travel the most fun, relaxing, and memorable trip you have had through the years.

Sable Point Lighthouse

Big Sable Point Lighthouse is definitely one of the best attractions in this city. Standing firmly at the shore of Lake Michigan, it boasts a beautiful and significant history. Built in 1867, this has time and again served as a guiding light for mariners in spite of some climate erosion challenges over time. Now rebuilt by the Sable Point Associated of Lighthouse Keepers, guests can go up to one hundred and thirty steps to view and enjoy great sceneries. Be sure to bring your camera with you and capture this once in a lifetime experience! The reminiscences of looking over the water will surely last a lifetime but there is nothing greater than having a phenomenal lighthouse portrait on your wall to boast to world. On top of that, it is something you took on your own.

The Henry Ford

Continuing your glimpse of the past, it is best to visit The Henry Ford, Greenfield Village, Dearborn. It is a lot more than just an ordinary stop for the day. Guests can spend the whole day or even a week here. There are excellent tour packages or deals that are being offered for as low as one hundred US dollars. One can go inside the Museum to see some unique displays and artifacts. The Ford Rouge Factory Tour can likewise be availed and a day in Greenfield Village is just fantastic. From IMAX Theatre to camp sites to full amenities, luxury accommodations are always available.


Four Winds Casino is known to be one of the place’s best entertainment facilities for adult guests. It has three thousand slot machines including a special high limit area, making it a sure fun gambling experience. Also, one can expect just the very best hotel with around 415 world class rooms and impressive guest service.

Tahquamenon Falls State Park

Tahquamenon Falls State Park covers around 52,000 acres and majority of which are undeveloped woodlands that excludes roads, buildings, and even power lines. It is a pure nature beauty; one of God’s masterpieces. It accepts guests all year round and offers several enjoyable activities perfect for all seasons. On winter days, guests can try skiing and snowmobiling while during spring, there is hiking. Tahquamenon Falls State Park truly is a great escape to once again enjoy nature and its tranquility.

The Air Zoo

Last but definitely not the least is The Air Zoo. It was recognized and voted as the best place for family trips or bonding for three straight years. Boasting some of the best rides, over 50 kinds of historic aircraft and informational activities, guests can be sure to find pleasure for the whole family.


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