Four Things You Should Never Bring Home From a Trip


There are some things that are worth bringing home after a long trip—experiences, lovely memories, friendships, hope and of course, your photos and travel souvenirs. However, there are also some things that are better left behind after a long trip. Are you curious as to what these are? Well, here are some of them:

  • Excess coins and currency

There is no sense in bring this currency home unless you plan on returning back to the country that you have visited. But if your return will happen for more than a few years, please know that you do not have the recall power and time to properly store these items so it is better that you spend them all instead. In the event that you are collecting foreign currency and coins, then you are free to bring your excess currency and coins back home.

  • Fake Accent

When you travel, you will surely find yourself adapting the speech patterns of the locals in the country that you have visited. While many people think that this is just a whim, having a fake accents actually offers lots of benefits. For one, it is a lot easier for you to communicate with foreigners when you will imitate their accent. However, bringing a fake accent home will just make you look like a douche bag. If you wish to still have friends even after you return home, ditch your fake accent right away.

  • Jet Lag

No one would never ever like to bring home some jet lag. I think the reason is already quite understandable and very obvious. Bringing home jet lag will surely make you feel weak and will render you unproductive for many days (or many hours if you are that lucky) after your trip. While it is quite difficult to avoid having jet lag altogether, there are some things that you can do in order to minimize its disastrous effects.

  • Bed Bugs or Critters

One of the most dreaded things that you can ever experience when staying in a  hotel or any other types of accommodation are bed bugs. If you will be staying in unsanitary hotels, these critters are to be expected. The tricky thing is how to avoid these critters from infecting your luggage and clothing so you can avoid bringing them home. Why should you avoid bringing these home? Well, that is because these things are quite difficult to eradicate once these have infested your home. If you wish to avoid all the .troubles that these may bring you, it is recommended that you opt for a clean hotel room instead. Some research and lots of inspection are highly recommended.

In the event that you are tempted to bring some of these things home, we highly advise that you avoid doing so. Bring some of these home and you can expect unproductive post travel days ahead.


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