Tips and Tricks To Avoid Costly Calls When Traveling


Traveling to and seeing new places is an exciting adventure. However, people are quite relational and they would certainly wish to check up on their staff, family members, children and loved ones while they are away. However, making a call when you are abroad can become quite expensive.

When you arrive at your destination, you will surely get a welcoming text from your network. From then on, you can expect that all the calls and texts that you will send will be charged at a higher roaming rate. Oftentimes, many people are not aware about this and they end up with a high phone bill once they get home. Well, here are some things that you can do to avoid that usual dilemma:

  • Just text instead.

As we all know, calling is a lot more expensive than texting. If you wish to avoid shelling out too much money for phone bills, then just simply text and avoid calling altogether. This is also true even when you are abroad. Making calls is a big no-no. If you need to communicate something to the people back home, just text. Or better yet, you can just simply go online and shoot them an email instead.

  • Tell your family back home to text you.

Keep in mind that the charging process of a roaming network is quite different than a regular network. One of the things that you should understand is that you get charged not only when you make a call—you also get charged when you received or missed a call. Because of this, it is highly recommended that you tell your family, co workers, staff and boss to just simply text you instead of calling you.

  • Know the roaming deals.

Before you leave for your trip, it is best that you do your research first. If you wish to save money, it would be best to ask your network provider about any cheaper roaming deals that they offer. Take advantage of these deals so you will be able to cut your costs of using your phone when abroad.

  • Buy a SIM Card in the place where you are in.

If you plan to use your phone a lot of times during your stay, then it would be a lot wiser for you to buy a SIM card there. You can opt for either a special international Sim or a Pay As You Go Sim. Either of this choice can help you save money.

Knowing how to avoid costly costs is one of the things to know when traveling. No one wishes to be charged a lot just for a measly phone call. Follow the tips mentioned above and you will never have to worry about high phone bills ever again.


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