Travel Ripoffs That Are Not Worth The Extra Splurge


When you are traveling on a budget, you will try to travel as conservatively as possible. Sadly, traveling in a  foreign country with a foreign roadmap and a foreign language has high tendency of putting your finances in chaos. As if that is not enough, there are even some people who wish to take a run at your money

All over the world—wherever you go—you will meet people who will try to give a run for your money. When you are in a foreign city, it is very easy for you to fall into these traps. To help you avoid these ripoffs and protect your money, here are some of the things that you should be well aware of.

  • Avoid the eating tourist traps.

Today, the competition in the food industry has become more about the ambiance of the place and not the quality of food. If you wish to eat the best dishes in the country that you are in, do not choose based on popularity, ambiance or sceneries. Instead, ask the locals as they will give you a more useful advice.

  • Uniformed airport “guides”

There are many people in the airport offering to be your guide and it is easy for you to fall for their tricks because they are wearing a decent uniform. That is why this is the longest and most common scam ever. Keep in this mind that majority of these people are paid to bring your to highly priced tourist places.

  • Tricky Taxi Drivers

All over the world, taxi drivers are employing different types of scams to lure tourists into paying them more than how much they should. Some would take less efficient routes to increase the taxi rate that tourists have to pay. Others would return incorrect change then speed off so that you cannot be able to run after them. Additionally, there are taxi drivers who would charge high unstated fees and many more. Before you hop into a cab, it is bets that you check the permits and qualifications of the cab. Additionally, make sure that the drivers have posted a price list inside.

  • Airport Airline Club Memberships

When you think about an airport airline club which has a strict member only policy, you will surely think of a grand place, your own alcoholic bar, grand piano and some jazz singer singing in the background. Who would not wish to relax in a place like that after long hours of traveling? Before you avail of that membership, I want you to know that a supposedly zen place but with a big crowd awaits you. This is because more and more people are wanting to be part of that exclusive club making it not so exclusive anymore.

Traveling is a tricky activity. It can be fun but it can also be frustrating especially if you will fall a victim to the ripoffs mentioned above. In addition to protecting your valuables when traveling, you should protect your money from the above mentioned things too.


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