Traveling with your Family in a Busy Work Schedule


As a father and a husband, it is your responsibility to make a living. This means that you have to work hard in order to provide for your family. This is not an easy job especially when you are caught up with a very busy work schedule. For most of the times, you may end up losing precious time for your family. Realizing this, you may want spend more time with your kids and wife. Traveling is a great way to make them feel your presence again, but how can you do it with a busy schedule? Here are ways to be with them in an outing.

  • Weekend trips

As much as you would like to go on a slumber on a weekend, it is also a wonderful opportunity to take your kids out and your wife in a short travel. It does not only provide you with a break, but it also serves as a chance to rekindle your relationship with your wife. Furthermore, this weekend break becomes an opportunity to be a super dad for your kids in a travel.

  • Leverage holiday breaks

Even God rested on the seventh day, and you will also get your well deserved break on Christmas season and holidays. This is a perfect opportunity to go on a holiday trip with your family. Give them a memorable holiday experience. You may want to drive for a while to visit your in-laws or your parents. Not only that you will benefit on traveling, you will also get to see your loved ones that you have not seen for a while.

  • Ask for a leave of absence

There is no harm on asking for a short break from work. Remember that you are working so hard for your family and they deserve a fraction of your time too. With enough reasoning and good job performance, you may get a leave for a week or two from your boss. Spend it wisely and make your family happy by bringing them out of town. If it is possible, take them out of the country, exposure to a different culture may just stimulate fun and inner communication between you and your wife and kids.

  • Sacrifice some company outings

Your family weighs heavier than your colleagues. They will understand if you say no to a company outing or team building for the sake of your family. After all, you will get the same experience. You will have time to unwind and travel too. The difference it can only make is that you are with your family now instead of being with your officemates. You will never know what kind of happiness you could bring to your family if they knew that you have chosen them over your company trip.

Being a father, a husband, and a provider may be too hard on a single man like you. However, you should know your priorities. Do not wait until time comes that you are no longer strong enough to be with them. The road is your friend; it will help you get closer to your love ones.


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