Traveling In a Remote Island with No Electricity: How to Get By


It is in nature of a traveler to be adventurous as well. Therefore, the search for the untouched and less crowded place is on. Some travelers prefer to witness and experience some places that few people have only been. There is a rewarding feeling when you get into an island wherein few people have only discovered and the place is still free from pollution and trash. However, part of being untouched is also being undeveloped. To these islands, electricity and even cellular signals are still out of reach. Sounds unrealistic? Countries like Philippines and Indonesia are hosts to these islands. If you are interested now and would like to experience a travel back to zero-technology era, you should carry these tips with you.

  • Fully charge all your gadgets and turn them off.

Before you start travelling, you must fully charge your cellular phones and DSLRs. If you are going to stay there and capture the beauty of the place, make sure you can take pictures with your phone or camera operating. Remember, if the battery runs out, you cannot charge it anymore.

  • Bring a lamp, flashlights and candles.

No electricity means there will total darkness during the night. Bring a lamp or a flashlight in case you need to pee in the middle of the night. This will also help a lot if you and your company would want to have a small talk before going to bed.

  • Take a portable stove with you.

Cooking can be difficult if you would have to find dried twigs and light it to create a fire. That is not a very entertaining thing to do. If you are in an island, chances are locals will offer fresh fishes and seafood for your meals but you still need to cook it for yourself. Portable stoves help a lot.

  • Motorcycle battery and a light bulb

Darkness can be creepy no matter how beautiful the place is during the daylight. If you are capable, bring a motorcycle battery with you (it is small enough to carry). These days, you can buy light bulbs with a wire connected to it. This wire has two ends that you can attach on the positive and negative poles of the battery in order to light the bulb.

  • Tents and sleeping bags.

Remember, you are headed in to a remote island; chances are you would not have a room to crash in. Bring your tent and sleeping bags with you to have comfortable sleep. Hammocks can also be your next best friend for a good night rest.

  • Sunscreens, insect repellants, and toiletries.

Just like any other beach trip, you will need these things to protect your skin and hygiene. Do not forget them.

  • Cooler and lots of ice.

No electricity means they cannot generate ice for your cold drinks. If you are going in a tropical remote island, the heat may dehydrate you sob e ready and prepare a for your hydration.

There is an unexplainable feeling is you visit a place which is not yet abused by the tourists. It brings you the closest to nature and of course, it is a great way to camp. You must be really ready for facing a secluded kind of life as well. Other than that, just make the most out of your vacation.


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