When in France: How To Avoid Restaurant Pitfalls


All over the world, France is a country that is known for its culinary offerings. People from all over the world has hailed French restaurants and dishes as one of the best in the world. This is why having the taste of the authentic wine and food from France is included in a tourist’s travel agenda.

Because of all the craze about French food, many establishments in the country offer a second rate trying hard versions of the authentic dishes. If you wish to make sure that you are eating at an authentic French restaurant, here are some of the things that you must keep in mind:

  • Prix Fixe meal

There are many Parisian restaurants in the area of Champs Elysee and Latin Quarters make money by ripping off unsuspecting tourists. Their target are those tourists who do not know how to speak French. When we say Prix Fixe meal, we are referring to a set price menu that is offered during lunch time. This meal is best for those people who do not know how to read French and have no idea on what is included in the menu. When choosing and ordering this menu, it is best that you bring a phrase book with you so you will be able to have an idea as to what is included in the many. Many tourists make the mistake of ordering this menu without actually clarifying what kind of food they will get. Oftentimes, the restaurants serve them with unappetizing and bland tasting foods.

  • Beware of the Bar bill

There are lots of bars in Paris where it is not recommended that you hand over your ATM card and start a menu tab without taking a look at the price list. One of the locations that is not recommended is in the Pigalle neighborhood– that area where you will find the famous Moulin Rouge. Many tourists who have made this mistake have run up a huge amount of bill without them knowing it. It would be best that you clarify how much the drinks are before you order it. If you are traveling alone, skipping this area is recommended.

  • Water Scam

One of the biggest expenses that you can ever incur in France is your bottled water budget. Because of this, many tourists are always in the lookout for cheap bottled water. Because of this, a lot of locals take advantage of them. Many of the mobile vendors sell 1-Euro only bottled water. While you may think that this is a good deal, many people claim that the water that they sell are not actually mineral water. In fact, some of them have spotted some vendors refilling used bottles from public water fountain and many other unsanitary sources.

In addition to the popular tourist spots in France, the food is another thing that many tourists would like to have a taste of. Make sure that you follow the tips given above and you will surely be able to enjoy the amazing dishes that France has to offer.


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