Five Snacks To Bring on A Plane Ride


If you wish to enjoy a hassle-free and enjoyable plane ride experience, the key is to bring healthy snacks so that you will always be prepared whenever you feel hungry. However, you should not bring just about any snacks that you can get your hands on. You must be extra picky with what you will eat. After all, you will be up in the air with altitude that can certainly affect how your body functions.

We have asked some of the most frequent flyers and here are some of their recommended snacks for a great plane ride:

  • Clementine
  • Long hours in the plane can get pretty tiring. Lucky for you, there is one fruit that can help boost your energy and that is no other than a clementine. These fruits are juicy and refreshing!
  • Crackers and Apple Slices
  • If you wish to enjoy a simple and light treat in the middle of the flight, then bring out the most popular snack out there– crackers and cheese. Add in apple slices for good measure. This will certainly calm your stomach and keep you full for a long period of time.
  • Ginger Tea Ingredients
  • Ginger tea helps to calm nausea and vomiting. Plus it can be refreshing too. Sadly, you are not allowed to bring bottles of liquid in the plane. This is why we recommend placing the makings of a ginger tea in a tumbler. These include honey, lemon slices and ginger. Once you are in the plane, ask the flight attendant to bring you some hot water and voila, you have your ginger tea.
  • Chocolate covered almonds
  • Almonds are amazing airplane snacks. Cover them with chocolate and you get the right blend of sweetness and saltiness at the same time. The best thing about this treat is that it is very easy to make. Day before the flight, melt some chocolate chips then dip your almonds on the melted chocolate. Put in a refrigerator overnight then place it in a zip lock and put it in your hand carry.
  • Avocado sandwich
  • If you want a sandwich minus the fats and the too much heavy fillings, it is best that you go with an avocado sandwich. Before leaving for the airport, toast a bread (wheat bread is highly recommended) then place some avocado slices and add in a dash of salt. Pack this in your hand carry and get ready to go. Eat this in the middle of the flight so you will have the energy you need to start your trip.

If you do not know some airplane food tips, this is the best thing that you should start with. There are times when you will not like the foods prepared by the airlines. During such times, it will be wise for you to just simply pack your own food. The snacks given above are some of the best snacks that you can bring.

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