Expensive Iceland Trip on A Budget


Iceland is surely one of the most popular destination that is included in the bucket list of many people. This place is the home to the northern lights, land of the sheep and volcanoes with names that you can never pronounce. In addition to this, Iceland is also known to be the home of expensive travel rates.

With this, how can you be able to travel to Iceland and check it off your bucket list without breaking your bank? Well, we have some tips on how you can visit this amazing place on a budget. Here are some of them:

 Hitchhike.
Transportation is also expensive in this city. But you will be happy to know that Iceland is actually the safest and easiest country for hitchhikers. This is most especially true when you are in the southern part of Iceland.
 Bring water bottles with you.
Bottled water will take up a huge portion of your budget without you noticing it. Lucky for you, the tap water in Iceland is very clean and highly drinkable. The best way to save money on drinking water is to bring your very own bottle and just refill it with tap water from time to time.
 Go on camping.
Hotels are quite expensive in Iceland. Lucky for you, there are many camps that are available all over Iceland. Campgrounds cost for as low as $12. In addition to that, there are also some hostels that allow you to pitch a tent. However, you will have to bring your own sleeping bags and gear if you wish to go camping.
 Eat at hot dog stalls.
Eating at restaurants is the dream of many tourists but if you do not have the money for it, we recommend that you opt for the next best thing– hot dog stalls! These stalls can be find all throughout the cities and offer the most affordable foods in the city.
 Buy a bus pass.
In the event that hitchhiking does not seem a good idea for you, then one great way to easily afford the bus is to buy a bus pass. This pass is a lot more affordable during the summer season and will allow you to enjoy bus rides at discounted rates. This is highly recommended especially if you plan on staying in Iceland for a week or so. However, this bus is sometimes not available during the winter season so you may have to look for another option.

With these budget travel tips, you can surely be able to visit all the popular Iceland destinations without breaking the bank. Now you can surely be able to do everything you want in Iceland without going over budget!


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