A Fearful Flier’s Guide To Keeping Calm


Fear of flying is one thing that we are all privy to. Up to certain degrees, we all have a fear of flying. After all, you are placed in a machine and lifted thousands of meters up in the air. What is not terrifying about that? But as we all know, technology has made things a lot safer today. If this thought did not ease your flying anxiety, here are some other things that will definitely keep you calm onboard.

  • Do not be shy about what you feel.

Many fearful fliers tend to conceal what they feel. You know what, there is no need for you to. In fact, it is even recommended that you tell what you feel to people. Tell it to the flight attendant or to the person seating next to you. Why is this so? Well, because you need all the support that they can give you. Plus, it is always best to voice out what you feel instead of suffering in silence.

  • Don’t fight the turbulence.

We are all afraid of turbulence. But you will not be able to achieve anything if you will keep on fighting it. Just like the bamboo, we recommend that you go with the flow and sway with the way the aircraft moves. You will find this activity a lot more relaxing.

  • Ask for the seat nearest to the cabin.

Before you check in, make this very special request. The seat nearest the cabin is where you can feel the turbulence the least. Avoid the back part as much as possible as this is where the turbulence can be felt the most. Additionally, we recommend that you opt for the biggest plane possible so there is only minimal turbulence.

  • Distract yourself.

When you are focused on something, there is a high tendency that you will forget your fears. That is exactly what you should do during the flight. Try to watch a movie, read a book, listen to audio books, play a game. Do just about anything that will help keep your mind off your fear.

  • Do not drink coffee.

The caffeine has a tendency to put our mood and emotions into overdrive and if you are feeling a bit scared. Then coffee is never a good idea. It is recommended that you keep yourself hydrated by drinking water. Lots of it. Keep in mind that dehydration greatly contributes to fear so always stay hydrated during the flight.

With all the accidents and mishaps that we are hearing today, it can be quite difficult to ride a plane to your destination. With these tips, you can be able to have peace of mind and even sleep well on the plane.


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