Traveling With A Baby: Baby Sleep Solutions To Keep in Mind


Traveling during the holiday season is already tough enough but bringing a baby with you on your trip will surely make things a lot more difficult. One of the biggest problem that you will encounter on your trip will surely be the sleep schedule of your child.

The sleep schedule of your baby is quite unstable and when you add a new environment, flights, road trips and holiday excitement into the mix, the schedule will be a complete mess. For your information, you just need some planning and a little bit of consistency and you can surely be able to help your child get the sleep he needs:

  • Travel at the right time.

It is always best that you book a flight that will fall during your baby’s regular nap time. This is the best way to avoid disrupting the sleep cycle of your little one. In the event that your destination will be three time zones past your time zone, then it would be wise to put your baby to sleep thirty minutes earlier each night for many nights before your departure. This will certainly prepare him for the adjustments that you will encounter.

  • Set the internal clock of your baby intentionally.

Keep in mind that the light that your baby will be exposed to will help to set the circadian rhythm of the baby. With that in mind, it is best that you expose your child to sunlight in the morning and make sure that the room will be as dark as possible when it is time to sleep..

  • Allot some time for naps.

Never ever let the day pass by without  letting your child take a nap. Try to avoid planning any activities during his scheduled nap time. Try to do this on a regular basis and you can surely improve the sleep cycle of your child.

  • Bring some of his favourite things.

When packing for the trip, it would be wise that you bring some things that he is familiar with. These can include his favourite toy, a swaddle blanket, crib sheet or night light. This will help your baby to relax and this will surely lead to a good sleep afterwards. In addition to this, you can also bring some machine that will produce music that your child loves.

  • Do not be afraid to ask for help.

If you will be traveling for a family gathering, chances are your relatives will always pick your child up. Ask help from them by informing them about your situation so they would know what they should do to help you out.

Traveling with a baby is hard especially if you have no idea on how to manage baby sleep schedule while traveling. Keep the above tips in mind and you and your baby can surely have a peaceful and relaxing trip.

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