Bali Money Saving Tips: Enjoying The Ultimate Beach Experience on A Budget


Today, Bali is known as the ultimate beach destination. While it is quite a good thing that bali is now getting its fair share of tourists, there is one downside to its popularity– the rates and prices in Bali is slowly increasing. The price hike in this destination has become a great hindrance to many tourists. Since most of them have tight budget, they think that it will be impossible for them to enjoy the amazing Bali experience.

You will be happy to know that there are actually lots of ways on how you can enjoy Bali on a budget. To help you enjoy the ultimate beach trip, here are some of the money saving tips that you must know about:

  • Stay away from scams.

Upon stepping out of the Bali airport, you will be met by lots of people offering different services like transportation, money changing, accommodation and many more. Keep in mind that the rates of such services are quite high when in the airport. This is most especially true with the transportation since the hoard of drivers usually collaborate with each other to keep their prices high. If you wish to save money on transportation, you may want to walk outside the airport and opt for public metered taxi. However, that may be a bit inconvenient but it will help you to save lots of money. For money changing services, it is recommended that you have your money exchanged at the airport and not outside.

  • Eat street foods.

We all know that nothing beats the restaurant experience but you will be happy to know that Bali offers some of the most delicious street foods that you can ever taste. Among some of my favorites are suckling pig, nasi campur and of course, satay with peanut sauce. Just by trying out some street foods, your stomach can already have its fill. If you want to have taste of their restaurant dishes, then eat where the locals eat. After all, they are the best reference when it comes to cheap yet quality food.

  • Go on a DIY tour.

Since this is your first time in Bali, you may be tempted to book a tour with a travel agency. After all, that is the most convenient method, right? While it is convenient, a travel tour will cost you a lot more than when you do the touring on your own. Do not be afraid as Bali is a very easy place to go around in. In fact, you will just have to some research beforehand, have a map in hand and a great sense of adventure and you are already good to go!

When you go to Bali, make sure that you make the most of it by enjoying all the Bali activities that this amazing destination has in store for you. With all the tips given above, you can surely enjoy Bali in all its glory at a much reasonable price.


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