Four Tricks To Finding The Most Comfortable Hotel Room


Many people think that choosing a hotel is the most difficult part of traveling. Truth is, that is the easy part. After choosing the hotel, the next thing that you will have to deal with is choosing the hotel room. Many people think that their choice of hotel room does not matter. After all, they can just easily go with the most expensive or most affordable option, right?

For your information, your choice of hotel room matters. This is because the condition of your hotel room will have an effect on how much rest, relaxation and sleep you will get to enjoy while you travel. With that in mind, here are some of the different tricks on how you can find the most comfortable hotel room:

  • Book a room located in the middle of the hallway.

If you wish to sleep and relax properly in your hotel room, then you need to find a quiet room in the hotel. In every floor, there is actually one room that is considered to be the quietest room of all. Many experts say that the room located midway of the hallway is the quietest of all. Booking a hotel at the end of the hallway means that the room is located at the end of the building and there is a big chance that you will hear cars or other pedestrians while you sleep.

  • Rooms facing the pool are a no no.

While many people love booking the rooms near the hotel’s pool, this is not a good idea for someone who are looking for peace and quiet. The poolside is recommended if you love to socialize and to party but if you simply wish to just relax, then avoid the poolside at all costs. After all, the pool can be a good venue for late night gatherings and all the noise and sound that they create might disturb your otherwise peaceful sleep.

  • Always hang the no disturb sign.

If you are planning to sleep in, then you will surely not want to be disturbed by housekeeping. If that is the case, then it would be best that you hand the no disturb sign at your door knob.

  • Get the room two to three levels up from the banquet or dinner area.

You may think that the sounds that come from these social places will not be a disturbance for you while you sleep. For your information, there is a chance that you will hear the thumping bass beat and all the noise when you stay at the floor directly above such places.

One of the problems that you will encounter when staying in a hotel is the lack of sleep or the poor quality of sleep. If you wish to sleep soundly in a hotel, then you have to take some steps to ensure that you will be getting the most comfortable hotel room. By following the tips given above, you are assured that you will get the most comfortable hotel room there is.

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