Four Of The Most Popular Osaka Shopping Areas To Visit


As of today, Osaka is considered to be the third or fourth famous Japan city to visit. After all, no place can beat the very famous Tokyo in Japan. Despite this, Osaka offers you lots of reasons why you should pay it a visit. In addition to the foods that they offer, the amazing landscape to admire, the giant sky building, Osaka’s great skyline, and the things to do in Osaka, one of the reasons why a lot of tourists head to Osaka because of the amazing shopping experience that it can give them.


Osaka offers a wide array of shopping establishments which feature designer products, branded products and chains and thrift stores. If you wish to enjoy the world class shopping experience that it has to offer, please do check the popular shopping areas below:


  • Umeda

This shopping areas is known to many as Kita. Tourists who plan to shop in this area can find it in two locations: one near the Umeda station and one on the JR Osaka station. Regardless of which location you plan to visit, both places offer a wide array of department stores as well as shopping arcades. On top of that, let us not forget about their massive underground shopping malls.

  • Amerikamura

This shopping area is for the teen travellers on a budget. Known as Osaka’s youth fashion center, this shopping area is comprised of about hundreds of small boutiques that offer some of the most stylish, modern and hip dresses and accessories that are fitting for the youth.

  • Doguya Suji

This is one popular shopping area that you can find at around the Namba Station. For your information, this shopping area is not for fashion but for cookwares and other home accessories. This shopping arcade sells all types of tools and accessories that you can use for your kitchen. Additionally, this is also the place to buy restaurant grade stove tops, dishes, and pans. They even have kitchen staff uniforms.

  • Tenjinbashi Suji

This is considered to be one of those low budget shopping areas in Osaka. In this area, you will find different boutiques and shops which sells all kinds of stuff, including dresses and other type of clothes, at very reasonable prices. With 2.6 kilometers in length, this shopping arcade is considered to be the longest shopping arcade in Japan. This is located near Tenmangu Shrine.


As you can see, majority of the shopping areas are located near train stations or popular landmarks in Osaka so going to these areas is very easy. Additionally, the closing and opening times of the stores mentioned above may vary from one another so it is best that you do some research as to what time the shops will close or open. In addition to that, majority of these shops are open during the weekends and holidays so you are free to go on a shopping spree anytime all the time!


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