The Home of The Most Delicious Street Eats



It is true that Singapore is one of the smallest country in the world. Although it lacks in size and space, it makes up with the most amazing architecture, high technology, amazing culture and above all, the most diverse culinary variety that you can ever have a taste of. Their wide array of cuisines is due to the fact that it is the hub of multicultural population comprised of Chinese, Indian, Malay along with other expat nationalities.


There are a wide array of dishes available in this city but the most notable ones are those that are sold in the streets. Yes, Singapore is one of the countries that is known for their amazing selection of street food. If you plan on going to Singapore anytime soon, here are some of the street foods that you must take a bite of.


  • Frog Porridge

The name may sound icky but it is actually one of the cleanest dish that you can ever try. The frogs are thoroughly cleaned and are marinated in soy sauce mixed with wine and filled with onions, spicy chili and all types of ginger. When cooked properly, you will be amazed at how soft and succulent the meat of the frog is. It is then placed in light and gloopy porridge with green onion sauce.

  • Sambal Sting Ray

This is commonly called as the Ikan Bakar or in English, barbecued fish. Before, people see sting ray as cheap and poor tasting type of fish. That thought lasted for a long time until a Malay had the genius idea of smearing it with sambal sauce. The sting ray is grilled while inside a banana leaf so that it can retain its natural flavors. After that, it is smeared with sambal sauce which is a mix of chili pepper, shrimp paste, spices and shallots.

  • Chicken Rice

This is actually Singapore’s most popular cuisine. While this dish can also be bought at high-end restaurants in the area, eating it in various small eateries and street vendors is also a delightful experience. This dish is invented by the Hainan immigrants. This dish is so tasty that it is often voted to be one of the tastiest dishes all over the world. This dish is cooked by dipping chicken in pork and chicken bone broth until it is well cooked. The best thing about this dish is it comes with a wide array of sauces including hit chili, ginger and soy sauce. In addition to being tasty, this dish is healthy as well.


In addition to the street foods that you can taste in Singapore, there are lots of attractions and places to visit. Make sure that you read a Singapore travel guide before you head on to this amazing city. In this way, you can be able to enjoy Singapore, its foods and places in all its glory.


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