Calorie- Burning Tips For A Fun and Active Trip



We usually forget about our health and fitness when we travel. This is because we feel like staying fit is a job and of course, we would not dare work (or work out!) when we are away on a vacation, right? Wrong! We need to stop thinking of exercise and work out as work. Instead, we must look for ways on how we can turn our exercise time into a fun me time.


To help you out, here are some calorie-burining fats that can make your trip a lot more healthy and at the same time, fun!


  • Schedule your activity time in the morning.

Working out in the afternoon is not recommended since the weather is a lot hotter and more stressful. On the othet hand, it is also not a good idea to work out at night since you may already be too tired from all the walking, shopping and sightseeing that you have done throughout the whole day. The best time to schedule you work out is during early morning. This is because the weather is a lot friendlier at that time and you also have more energy and you will not be in a hurry since your travel agenda is usually empty during such time.

  • Enjoy the sunrise and the sunset.

You do not have to work out heavily while you are on vacation. At times, a simple leisure walk is already more than enough. Have a walk with your travel friends and partner during sunrise and sunset. Not only will you be able to get a bit active, you can also be able to keep in touch with nature and you can also enjoy the quiet moment and amazing view for a few moments.

  • Take advantage of water.

Are you staying in  a resort near the beach? Will you be staying in a hotel with a swimming pool? If yes, then it is highly recommended that you take advantage of this amazing opportunity! Instead of just simply looking at it, make some effort to actually be in it and enjoy it! Swim, paddle, surf– do everything you can to enjoy the amazing feel of the water and experience the physical benefits that it has to offer.

  • Take a break and get out of the car every 2 hours.

One of the best but also the unhealthiest way to see the world is to go on a road trip. The long hours of sitting in the car come with lots of heath disadvantages. This is why you must schedule a bladder break or a leg break every 2 hours. During this time, get out, walk for a couple of miles, enjoy the view and just go get moving.


Staying healthy and fit while traveling  may seem like a difficult thing to do. But by incorporating the physical activities listed above, you can surely make your trip a lot more fun and active.


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