Wine Touring Tips For Newbies


When you mention France, one of the first things that could come wo mind would surely be wines and vineyards. As we all know France is the number one producer of fine wine all over the world so you should really have a taste of their wines if you wish to fully experience what France has to offer. If this is your first time to visit France and join a wine tour, there is a high chance that you will get intimidated because of the wide array of flavors that they have as well as the specific wine vocabulary that you have to encounter. Here are some tips that wine touring beginners can take advantage of:

  • Ask around.

Almost everyone in France will be excited to give you some tips and tricks on which wine to taste and which you should avoid. This is why you must not be shy in asking the questions that you wish to ask.

  • Look for caveau des vignerons.

If you wish to enjoy a one stop wine tasting experience, then this is the organization that you have to look for. These groups sell, and promote local grapes. With this group, you can ask questions and at the same time, have  taste of some samples and even, purchase bottles of wine.

  • Ask where are the best places to eat.

If you wish to enjoy the most out of your wine tour, you should pair good wine with good food. Sadly, there are some restaurants that sell not much of a good food. Because of this, it is wiser for you to ask the right people where are the best places that you can get good food. Since they are already in the industry, it is recommended that you ask the local vintner where the great restaurants are. They will surely give you the information that you are looking for!

  • Buy a bottle.

Keep in mind that the wine markers take pride in creating wines that you can enjoy. They pour their hearts out to each and every batch of wine that they make. It is true that the larger vineyards do not carry bottles of wine on site. But if you are in a vineyard which sells bottles of their wines in their site, do not forget to buy a bottle from them. This is a great way to thank them for the amazing experience that you have had from their vineyard.

In addition to the different must-see attractions in France, one of the things that you should not miss out on is wine touring. You should never ever leave France without enjoying this activity. If it is your first time to join a wine tour, please keep the tips mentioned above in mind.


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