Tips to Capture Nostalgic Photos of Mankind

Even if you are not a professional photographer, you surely enjoy taking photos when you travel.  You may be the type who do not only take your own pictures, but also takes photos of spots and people that can be great subjects.  Your emphasis is not on the quality of the photo itself, but with what the photo says and suggests. Below are some tips how you can capture humanity while you wander on the markets and streets.

Seek for places where people go.  Go to places where the locals and ordinary people go.  The best areas are the local markets, bus stations and parks.  These are where the people hangout, walk and work.  These are the places where you can find people who are friendly, simple and real. These are the people who are willing to help and ready to answer your questions.

Observe, wait and get close. After you determine where the people are, stop for a moment.  Observe your surroundings, the sounds, colors and movements.  Take overview shots.  Then, start to get closer to determine who or what will be your preferred subject.  It could be a vendor at the local market, a mother and child at the park or a bystander.

Establish an individual connection.  You just do not take pictures instantly, you should first make a personal connection in order to gain the person’s trust and confidence .  Know how to start a conversation and show interest to the other person as another human being. Then it would be easy for you to ask your subject for pictures.  Do not feel bad if the other person refused your request.

Make the person feel relaxed. Remember that they are not professional models and they may feel awkward or ashamed.  Do not expect that the first couple of shots will be the best.  Just continue to take pictures.  Never ask them to pose or smile. If they seem uncomfortable, start asking questions.  Once your subject gets used to your camera, the best shots will come naturally.

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