Tips to Enjoy Your Dream Cruise


Everyone has a dream for a perfect cruise.  Cruising is not just for honeymooners, but for everybody. If you get the opportunity of your life, please refer to the following tips for your perfect cruise.

Opt for your dream cruise.  Do not just focus on your chosen destination and companion, you should aim for your dream boat.  If that is your first time, seek advice from a travel agent.  He could help you determine which one will work for  your budget, preference and goals.  Be on your dream ship.

Book in advance.  Apart from the discount you can take advantage by booking early, you can also have the best options and choices when it comes to your preferred cabin. You will also see the activities and excursions that are included with  your ticket.  You will also avoid the hassle of having to worry about reservations when peak season approaches.

Pick the best cabin.  Though you are not going to stay cabin most of the times, it is recommended to have the best cabin that your budget can afford.   It should be convenient, comfortable and cozy.

Be prepared.  When you are excited, you tend to forget the essentials. Make sure that you pack extra batteries, toiletries and charger.  You may also consider filling small plastic containers with lotion, shampoo and conditioner for you to carry.   Bring sunscreen and over the  counter medicines as well.

Pack rightly.  Just bring the essentials and what you will be really needing for your cruise.  Anything can happen during a cruise and the lesser you bring the lesser the tendency of losses.  It is best to minimize the things on your packing list.

Find romance.   If you are cruising with your partner, be more romantic.  Make sure to have a special dinner for two.  You can also watch the moon and the stars late at night and do not be ashamed to make the world see that  you are in love.

Show gestures of acknowledgment.  It is a different feeling when you are on the last day or night of your cruise.  You may feel sad that it is going to be over or you may feel excited to go home.  Whatever the feeling is, it is now time to express a bit of gratitude to the people on the cruise who assisted and served you.  You can provide them monetary tips or even verbally thank them.

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