Tips for Teachers Who Travel With Students


There is always something special with being a teacher.  Wherever you go, whatever you are, you will always be a teacher for your students.  If you happen to travel with your students, here are a few things that  you can keep in mind and practice in order to make sure that the experience will be memorable and worthwhile.

A sense of humor can go a long way.  This will come naturally if you are happy and inspired with what you do and with where you are.  You have applied it in your classroom setting.  You should apply it more often when you travel.  You can find humor with the things that you notice as you travel or with the  instances  that you encounter.  You can also find the humor with difficult or in an unlikely situation in order to reduce the tension.  Smiling and laughing are contagious.  Your students may forget about the trip, but they will never forget how you made them feel.

Routines are a must.  Eating, sleeping, resting,  taking a bath and even bowel habits should be considered.  Teenagers need more sleep than adults;  however, they tend to take for granted these routines when they left home.  They should be trained to stick in following these habits in order to focus and function well.  As their teacher and guide, you should find means and ways how you can instill in them the importance of healthy eating regularly, sufficient sleep and rest, taking a bath and releasing those body wastes.

The students’ opinions matter.  You should discuss about the schedules and itinerary beforehand.  They should be aware with the rules and policies and the possible outcome if they failed to abide. They should learn how to be responsible with their actions.  You should also ask them what are the other things or activities they want to do on your tour.  They should not necessarily be on your list, but they may be included and integrated during free times. By this, they also have time to do something without the pressure.

Simply be the person that they need.  Sometimes, in order to make things work better, you need to let go of some of your standards and expectations as a teacher.  You can allow them to see you as a normal human being as you also enjoy the person that you are.   No boundaries, no doubts, no rules.  It is just a group of people with respect and trust with one another.

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