Tips to Avoid Becoming a Rude Airline Passenger

It is unavoidable to also face issues with airline travels. During the flight, you may happen to meet with attitude and strange behavior. As a passenger, you also would not want to encounter or be seated next to a co-passenger  who is rude or offensive. People like them can ruin your day and your trip as well. As everyone has the tendency to be rude at times,  you can start by being aware if you are becoming one.  Below are some tips to avoid being hated by everyone else.

Being mindful of your kids’ behavior.  Kids are unpredictable and it would not be an easy task travelling with them.  Some parents are inconsiderate and insensitive sometimes that they do not watch how their kids are behaving and affecting other passengers. There are kids who keep on crying, kicking other seats, or screaming.   At least, parents should try to restrain or comfort them.

Being conscious with reclining your seat.  Remember that you are not the only passenger on the plane.  There is a person behind you who may feel uncomfortable since you recline your seat too much. To recline is not prohibited if you wish to sleep and be able to stretch your leg; however, just recline a little to show courtesy to the person seated behind you.

Being familiar with basic etiquette.  Do not show your feet.  If you would like to remove your shoes, make sure you are wearing foot socks.  If you are going to sit at the back of the plane, bring your baggage with you. Do not place them in the overhead bin since the passengers who will be sitting there will no longer have space for their baggage.  If you are not seated at the back, put your luggage accordingly in a way that they would not occupy beyond the needed space.

Being aware of your limitations. It is a good thing to connect with people by smiling and starting a small talk.  You can actually build new friendships by talking to strangers; however, make sure that you show respect by knowing your limitations.  If you think your co-passenger wants some space and peace, refrain from being inquisitive. Know when to stop.

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