Body Protection Tips and Tricks When Camping


Camping is one of the most popular ways of travelling these days. It is very important to know how to prepare for one. Listed below are some of the must have gears when camping.

Use Microfiber Towels

These towels are small but very absorbent so it doesn’t take up so much space but is very helpful especially when camping near bodies of water.

Emergency Toilet

If camping in spots with no basic amenities, then make your own emergency toilet with a milk crate, a bucket and a plastic. Place the milk crate upside down and make a hole in the middle just the size of the bucket’s hole. The crate will serve as the toilet seat and the bucket as the catcher. To use, place a plastic large enough to go into the bucket. Once done using, remove plastic, dispose of properly and add a new plastic for the next user.

Keep Mosquitoes Away

You can keep mosquitoes at bay by adding bundles of sage into your campfire. The smell of burning sage is a mosquito deterrent.

Mini First Aid Kit

When camping, you will be busy with so many activities that at times you will find yourself away from camp most of the time. So, it is only prudent to have a mini first aid kit that you can bring anywhere with you. By using an old Altoids tin or an old prescription bottle, fill it with band aids, alcohol prep pad, and ointments.

Hand Wash Station

As part of your body protection, hand washing is an important way to protect yourself from illness. Being at camp doesn’t mean you have to forgo washing your hands because of difficulty getting water. This is easily remedied by making use of an empty laundry detergent dispenser.

Make Single-use Soap

With a peeler, peel a bar of soap. Each peel of soap becomes single use soap. Perfect for hand washing use and even for washing mosquito bites to relieve the itchiness.

Single-use Ointment Packets

Bringing those whole tubes of ointment can be bulky. What to do? Cut up a straw into 1 to 1.5 inch lengths. Seal one end and fill with ointment, then seal the other end. Voila, you now have a single use ointment packs. You can even color code them for easy identification. Add to your mini first aid kit and you are good to go hiking and camping.

Make traveling fun by preparing well for you camp!


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Disney Travel with Kids: Set A Budget Goal

Let’s set aside the household budget for the moment.  We’ll come back to it later.  Now is the time to really start dreaming.  What kind of Disney vacation do you really want to take?  The point of this exercise is to figure out exactly how much you will need to set aside to afford the Disney vacation of your dreams.

It’s okay to dream big, but try to keep it a little bit realistic – we’d all like to stay at the Cinderella Castle suite inside the Magic Kingdom, but that isn’t even open to the public!  It would also be nice to stay in a Presidential suite in one of the monorail hotels, but that is probably out of the price range of most of us ordinary people.  If you realistically think you will be able to save up for the $1,000-$2,500 a night it would cost just for the accommodations, though, go ahead and put that down on your list!

This is another place an Excel or Calc spreadsheet will come in handy.  Open a spreadsheet now and be ready to put in all the expenses you think you might need to account for on your Disney trip.

The most basic questions to ask yourself will be: how many nights do we want to spend on our vacation, how will we get there and back, and what kind of hotel do we want to stay at?  Let’s break down these questions one-by-one.  The first question is easier than the other two, so we’ll break those out into the next chapter.

How many nights do we want to spend on our vacation?

Think carefully about this.  It would be awesome to spend two weeks at Disney, wouldn’t it?  But is that really practical?  Think about how much time you can get off work, what time of year you want to go, whether you want to pull the kids out of school or whether you plan to go over a major holiday.  A week is probably a good, realistic time frame, but it’s also very possible to spend just a few days there and have a wonderful time.  Also consider that a shorter stay will be more affordable, but would you perhaps be willing to put off your Disney vacation for a year or two in order to save up for a longer trip?  What are your “must-dos” when you are at Disney?  How much time will you need in order to see and do everything on your wish list?  Go to the Disney website and the other planning sources listed in the appendix and start narrowing it down.


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International Travel Tips For First Timers


Traveling abroad, especially if you are a first-timer, requires careful preparation. International destinations tend to be more strict to tourists, so there is a need for you to be extra attentive to what needs to be done. If not, there is a higher chance that a good amount of money and time will get wasted. Apart from that, you need to further secure yourself from potential harm that may happen to you when out and about.

Check the cheapest conversion rate. Once you get the idea of how it flows, you can have the money changed. Having an understanding of the rate will help you make adjustments when planning your budget. You can go to a local bank in your destination and convert your money there. Some conversion centers do not provide a fair exchange rate. Airports also tend to be pricier.

Use a credit card that your international destination can provide. There are certain banks that reject old fashioned cards.

Above all, always have local money with you. Not all establishments accept credit cards.

Always bring a copy of your passport. This will come in handy if you lose your original copy. Leave one copy of your passport for back up to someone who you can trust at home.

Register your name with the embassy. When there is an issue in your destination, your government will have an easier way to contact you.

Stay on top of your health by having a medical check-up before going out of the country. Check if you have all the necessary vaccinations. Confirm with your insurance provider if you have a policy that can cover emergencies overseas.

Check the amount of money you will need for an entrance fee, or the amount of international travel tax you need to pay. These fees are not part of your plane ticket and can be quite pricey.

Prior to making your trip, research about the shows and sites you want to visit. Booking online has benefits, such as discounted rates and better deals. Waiting in line is also not an option anymore. It will definitely save you more time.

As long as you reached the airport, grab a guidebook. Guidebooks are helpful, since they contain maps. Most times, they also offer discount coupons at the back of the books. Be well informed with all the things that can help make your trip a lot easier. There are apps available just for this cause.

If you intend to attend different events, familiarize yourself. The aim is to make the most out of your vacation. With adequate research, you will definitely pull it off. There are plenty of fun stuff to do, like music festivals and concerts.

Always bring an extra set of clothes. Pack it in your carry on, just in case there is a mishap in the luggage. Do not forget to bring small food, such as crackers and cookies. This will be handy for snacking or you find it hard to eat the local cuisine.
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Travel With Your Thoughts: How To Enjoy Alone Time


Are you looking for an alone time or just wanting to go away for a quick break from the realities brought about by adult life?

For this type of yearning to reconcile with your thoughts, the typical city tours will not do. Getting on a bus with many other tourists and visiting world-renowned sites will not quench your desires. Taking a cruise ship and having to socialize  with many people will not help you in any way.

Here are some great ideas that will help you get the rest and relaxation you need. It is best to travel during off peak seasons. Traveling at these times means lesser number of people and lesser need for a big budget.

Be a lounger in a quiet city or town. Imagine  a scene straight out of a French movie. Experience the life in a foreign city by sitting in a café observing the busy streets while you a warm latte. Doesn’t that sound relaxing? Write down your thoughts as you let the world revolve around you. You can feel the energy of life swirling around you. Surely, this is bound to get you feeling more enthusiastic on living.

Take a different type of cruise. One would normally think that going to the cruise means having to talk with different people from all walks of life. While normally, this can be a really appealing experience. It does not serve your purpose of traveling. Try taking a cruise where you can get lulled by the silent ocean and clean horizon. Appreciate the beauty and relaxation you have since longed for.

There are plenty of quiet and beautiful beaches to go to for some pure contemplation. White sand beaches and beautiful sunsets are perfect for some alone time. Watching the waves crash by a beautiful shoreline.  Off peak season should be your target time, if you want the coast to be literally clear. Sit back and relax while watching the sun set.

Go to a ski resort. There are many available in the area of the Alp’s ranges. Switzerland is famed for its beautiful ski resorts. You can take a mountain railway or a cable car, if you want to see the entire view of the ranges. If that is not enough alone time, you can hike down the mountains. It will be a lot less tiring, instead of hiking the entire way back and forth.

Go for a long drive across different states of your country. This is relatively cheaper than taking plane flights. You will also see more on the road. Driving can be relaxing, but you need to be extra careful. Bring some food for the long drive for minimum expenditures.  If you need to get some rest, stop by in a nearby gasoline station to get yourself back on your feet.

There are plenty of options out there for solo travelers. It depends on your budget, time, planned activity, and personality. Learn how to have a good time.


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4 Tips to Have the Best Vacation Trip Ever

blog_croppedarubabeachtrip (1).jpg

Going on a trip is very exciting. However, it may also be very confusing sometimes and very stressful if you are not well prepared. There are many things that you may encounter during the trip. This may be good and may be bad. Sometimes you encounter the worst and your whole vacation will be a total mess! This is the reason why everything should be organized and ready. But sometimes, you may not meet all of the things you set in for a day. It’s okay! Don’t be disappointed immediately because nothing is perfect, really! To increase the chances of a joyful trip, here are 4 tips you can follow.

Maintain eating and good exercise

Eating healthy foods, taking vitamins and as well as doing exercise; these are the things that you may be doing daily if you are a health-conscious person. If you are then good for you! Going in a vacation doesn’t mean that you are prohibited in doing these things! In fact, it is suggested that you continue doing them in order to maintain your health even though you are in a vacation. Also, staying fit makes us stronger and flexible isn’t it? You can do more things if you are fit and this is why maintain eating and doing good exercise while on a vacation is advisable.

Cut the cost of your vacation

Don’t put too much expense on your vacation. A vacation is not about spending money. It’s about learning new things and enjoying them. Before and during a vacation, you may already have planned or you are planning to do some things. If so, always know how much it costs! It really matters a lot. Will you enjoy a vacation if you spend almost everything of your cash? Of course no! This is the reason why avoid spending too much. Budget everything. If it’s not very important in your trip and you can avoid it, then do so.

Become a volunteer

One way to have the best vacation trip ever is by becoming a volunteer. Why? There are so many things why! Becoming a volunteer means helping others. Helping others makes us happy isn’t it?If you lend your hand to other country people it gives us joy right? Not only that, but because you went to other country, you already enjoyed the travel! A volunteer can become a traveller depending on your destination. While you are helping others, you can enjoy the place and do some activities that are unique in the area.

Ask suggestions from others

Asking suggestions from others is a good way to start your vacation. People who already went in your destination are your target. They already went to the area and they already know the good places there and which are not. Don’t hesitate to ask because it is really helpful.

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Must Know Backpacking Tips


When you are backpacking you are visiting places that are usually not close to home, which requires that you have all the essentials you will need to be carried in a backpack.  Backpacking is an experience that is loaded with fun and excitement in being able to get back in touch with nature.  It will help to guide you beyond the four walls of work or home to venture beyond the box so to speak.

The length of time that you choose to go backpacking is entirely up to yourself, some people choose to go for one day while others go for months.

When you have finally decided where it is that you want to do your backpacking.  You must decide on a date of your departure and when you are going to be returning.  It is really important to keep in mind the time of year you will be traveling as this will effect the type of gear you will be packing in your knapsack.  It is always a good idea to bring extra of everything just to be prepared in case the weather turns nasty.  This is very crucial when you are backpacking, being prepared for the worse is always a smart approach.

Once you have decided where and when you are going you need to decide what mode of transport you are going to use to get to your destination.  Will you travel by plane, train, automobile, ship, you will need to book your tickets if needed as soon as possible.  It is always a good idea to book your hotel ahead of time so that you know you have a place to stay when you get to your destination.  It is much better than standing in a hotel lobby hoping that they can find a room for you.

You can always just book the first night then you can spend the first day scouting for a hotel that is cheaper if you are not happy with the cost of the first hotel.  By booking your tickets well in advance you may have a better chance of getting a better deal on your ticket price.  You should compare the prices and deals being offered for the individual airlines that are going to your destination.  Ask around to find out a good hotel that offers good rates in the area.   Check out the local tourist office this would be a good spot to gather some good information on the area where you want to go backpacking.

If you are driving to your backpacking destination then make sure that your car is in good working order before you head off on your trip.  You can save a lot of money by using public transport as much as possible.  If you have a fixed date for your return then you can also arrange for your transportation when it is time to go home.


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Indispensable Tips to Make A Successful Vacation


Make sure before you head off on your trip that you take care of some last minute things that can save you from a lot of hassle along the way.  If you are going to be carrying a credit card during your travels make sure to let your credit card company know that you will be doing some travelling abroad.  This will help to prevent them from getting suspicious over charges incurred overseas.  You should set up an online account so that you are able to pay your bills even if you are away.

Credit cards are useful but they can deplete your finances very quickly due to their high service charges.  You should bring your debit card with you too to avoid using your credit card too much during your travels.  Your debit card can also give you easy access to local currency with minimal fees in any country that you are visiting.

Make photo copies of all your important documents such as your passport, travel insurance policy, credit cards, your vaccination records, and important phone numbers.   Put these documents in a single file so that you know exactly where all this information is, making sure to put them in a safe place.  Inform a trusted person where they are just in case there is a need for them when you are away.

Put a separate copy of your passport in your backpack just in case you need it during the trip.  Check and see if you can get a good rate with your mobile phone while on holiday if not just have it suspended until you come back.

Make sure to learn the proper ethics when you are outdoors.  Learn the ethics of wilderness. Do some researches about the practices in the place that you will visit. If necessary, write them down so you will not forget.

Once you have settled all your personal details you can relax and truly begin to enjoy your journey.  Once you have all your things organized and taken care of you will be feeling much more calm and at peace rather than stressing that you have things that you have still not done.  By getting things started well before your departure date you will be ready to go on your great adventure with your mind set on enjoying the trip.


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