It will depend on a traveler what makes up a great beach. There are those who favour wide, open beaches with throngs of activities to do and people to watch, while others prefer deserted shorelines with calm waters. These factors as well as the exceptional sceneries and overall convenience are taken into consideration in determining this list of the world’s best beach destinations.


  1. BALI

By far, the beaches of this island have the most glorious attribute. With crystal clear blue waters, white sands and famous sunsets tend to be the norm here. What’s great is that it is common for beaches to have access to many five-star hotels and resorts located throughout the island. Many travellers have never visited this Indonesian island, but the word Bali conjures fantasies of the most fantastical landscape. You’ll be truly in awe at how many various kinds of visitors revel in this nirvana.



Amalfi Coast may not be huge, but what it lack in size make up for in mesmerizing beauty/ Nestled between sky-high coastal cliffs, the coast’s shorelines make up a picturesque setting unparalleled by other Italian beaches. One look at this place and you may feel like you’ve found heaven on earth. Amalfi Coast is situated in the Campania region of Italy, and covers 34 miles of majestic terrain. This UNESCO World Heritage site exhibits lively vegetation and multicolored towns live side by side with the enchanting turquoise Mediterranean waters, which creates a scene that has the power to stop even the most experienced travellers dead in their tracks.



The list will not be complete without this iconic beach town. Considered as one of the best places to surf in the United States, the North Shore houses Waikiki Beach, which is the one of the most visited beaches in America. Oahu mixes multicultural luxury and magnificent scenery more than any other Hawaiian island. Honululu, the state’s capital, showcases the island’s more urban vibe. A skyline of high-rises and resort hotels contrasts with the expansive white-sand beaches of the nearby Waikiki neighbourhood. To experience the rural side of Hawaii, visit the North Shore where you’ll find the most vivid blue waters and winding hikes.



Party is always swinging in Rio de Janeiro, and its beaches are no exception. Ipanema and Copacabana are two of the most popular beaches here and are both 2 miles long which can hold hundreds of sun-worshippers at any given time. Mixed with the views of Sugarloaf Mountain, you’ll definitely have an experience here you will never forget.


  1. MAUI

If you want to experience Hawaii’s amazing beaches, but without the crowds of Oahu, then Maui’s the destination for you. This island boasts extraordinary beaches both adult and family-oriented as well as the black-sand shores at Walanapanapa State Park. For numerous Hawaii vacationers, Maui is the perfect place that offers taste of just about everything and anything the Aloha State has to offer, from imposing wildlife to intriguing history and culture.


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In terms of wildlife, landscapes, climate, cuisine and culture, a Vietnam cruise provides a look into this diverse country. Vietnam is truly a country of vibrancy and beauty from the northern mountain regions to central highland to the deltas along the vast coast. The forests are home to wildcats and small primates while crocodiles swim the rivers.


Vietnam is home to about 84 million people and people migrating from north and south, from urban to rural areas are increasing by the numbers. The capital of Vietnam is Hanoi, which is located along the Red River in the North, while Ho Chi Minh City along the Mekong River delta in the south is the country’s chief cultural and economic centre. A tour of this city offers a source of countless delights, from the sweet southern food to the theatre and opera productions, so make sure to include Ho Chi Minh in your visit to Vietnam.




Vietnam was colonized for a period of time, but despite of this, it has developed a rich and one-of-a-kind culture, a mix of historical Chinese and modern Western influences. Vietnam’s official language is Vietnamese of Kinh, the countries numerous ethnic minorities speak different kinds of languages. English is becoming a popular second language as well as Chinese, French, Russian and a handful of mountain-area languages.


With kin groups and small communities as a central focus, many of the traditional groups that make highlands and mountains their home still live in very traditional lifestyles. The country’s indigenous people found on the central highlands also produce beautiful folk art. The men weave baskets and mats, while the women weave blankets and clothing.


Confucianism, Taoism and Buddhism have made an impact on the philosophies and belief of the Vietnamese people, even though more than two-thirds of the entire population does not claim religion. Throughout the years, these religions have been mixed together and simplified to create a folk religion called Tam Giao that was shared by the majority of the population.




Temperatures here are basically hot and humid and most of the time averaging in the high 80s, however, the northwest highlands can be much cooler than other areas of the country, with temperatures sometimes going down below zero. The coastal areas on the other hand usually cool down by January, making it an amazing month for a wonderful cruise.




Vietnam is houses a wide range of diverse wildlife, from the elephants and tapirs that roam around the central highlands to the crocodiles that prowl in lakes and rivers. The forests houses tigers, snow leopards, black bears, sun bears, various species of deer and wild oxen and even small creatures such as porcupines, other, skunks and flying squirrels. If you have time in your hands to a little bird watching during your Vietnam cruise, the country offers around 600 species of land and water birds found in the its southern part.


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Unique Tour Ideas You Might Want to Try in NYC


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Ride at Pony at the Bronx Equestrian Center


Once you get out of the centre of New York City, you’ll be surprised at how the height of the buildings shrink, and at how the green spaces start to open up. If you’d like to have some time in nature while you’re in the city, and you’re somebody who likes doing things rather than trawling museum aisles, a trip to the Bronx Equestrian Center is a great idea. They provide horse riding lessons for all abilities, and can take you on trails through the nearby Pelham Bay Park.


Explore a French Gothic Treasure, Grace Church


For fans of architecture, New York is pretty much a dream city, and there’s more to explore than high-rises and tenements. One of the most unique and special buildings in Manhattan is Grace Church, one of the earliest examples of Gothic architecture in the city, and it was designed by James Renwick, who was only 24 years old at the time of the church being built. Although it opened way back in 1867, the church still functions and has regular services today.


Tuck Into Killer Barbecue at John Brown Smokehouse


If you do nothing more than eat some really great food during your time in New York, we think that will be time very well spent. The only condition is that you have to visit John Brown Smokehouse in Long Island at least once. This is the place to be for an old fashioned Kansas City style barbecue. We don’t know how to begin to describe this haven of meaty deliciousness. The ribs, the baked beans, the mac and cheese, the corn pudding! It’s all incredible.


Enjoy All the Fun of Clearwater Festival


While New York is a centre for great music and great parties, it’s not as famous for hosting epic music festivals as the west coast. But if you are a festival lover, New York still has something very special to offer in the form of Clearwater Festival, which has been held at Croton Point Park on the Hudson River for three decades now. The mission of the festival is to raise environmental awareness while having a great time, and previous acts that have played include Ani DiFranco, Tom Paxton, and more. It’s hosted in June each year.


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When To Visit and Where to Shop in Venice


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The Best Time To Visit


Venice is a beautiful city to visit all year round. Whether you visit in the winter to explore the streets, alive in Christmas spirit or in the summer to catch some of the gorgeous Mediterranean sunshine, there is always something to do.


July is by far the best month to visit for some sun, with temperatures averaging around 25°c. The summers have long days, some days you can expect to receive over 12 hours of daylight. The rain season for Venice falls slightly before the summer in June with the coldest months falling in and around January where you can expect an average temperature of around 2°c. If you feel like a spot of swimming in the Adriatic sea, we recommend you travel mid summer, around August time where the sea averages 25°c or more.


It’s Time To Shop!


The currency, like all of Italy, is the Euro and normal exchange rates apply. If you find a need to withdraw some money you have a number of options available. As with any popular tourist location, there are disputable places to go. The easiest and safest way to access your bank account is via an ATM, known in Italy as “Bancomat”. These can be found along the streets or inside banks. Simply check the front of the machine for the logo that is displayed on your card, such as Visa or American Express and the upon inserting your card, you will be prompted what language you wish to use and your then able to access your account how you please. Contact your bank before you travel to see what rates you may be charged when using your card abroad.


The other option if you cannot find an ATM is using a “cash storefront”. These are easy to find as you will see a sign above or in the window stating “Cambio”. These are independent shops which exchange money and are normally located in popular tourist locations and around landmarks. While most are legitimate, some may not display their conversion rates and you may end up paying a lot more money than you originally intended. Use with caution.


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Why Visit Torcello? (PART 1)


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You may be romantic enough to believe the Venice has been around forever (and that the world would have been a more beautiful place if it had been), and will continue to be around forever, but you’d be utterly wrong. Some say that Venice itself is slowly sinking into the Adriatic Sea, but that is another story…. Many many years before there was a city even remotely resembling Venice, there was a tiny town miles away called Torcello — they were here first. A bustling center for the first four centuries of its existence, eventually people began to migrate to the area in Venice where the Rialto bridge is now located, and this is how Venice began. One could say that native Venetians actually began as Torcellans.


Still romantic and interesting albeit a little ragged around the edges, Torcello remains a spot that most tourists or vacationers will still do well to go and pay a visit to, if for no other reason than to be able to state that they visited the place that truly holds the root history of Venice It is a tiny island with a population to date of approximately 75 people in all. There is very little that still exists on the island to show that it was once a large town; most of the materials from the buildings were brought off the island over to Venice to assist in raising buildings and bridges there. The vast majority of the have utterly disappeared, but that is not to say there are not some interesting things to come and see here.


One of the biggest attractions on the island of Torcello would have to be The Devils Bridge. With so fascinating a nickname, of course there is a legend attached to it. The legend for this bridge is one of a young girl and her lover in the 18th century. She fell in love with a soldier her parents forbade her to be with; when the girl refused to comply, her parents had the soldier killed. The girl turned to a local witch for help in raising the dead boy-and the witch made a deal with the devil himself in return for the promise of seven souls to make up for the one the devil helped bring back. f course, when the lovers were reunited, they fled; leaving the witch to gather the required souls alone. Giving the devil the promise that she would return with seven souls (from the island populace)the witch made her departure-then died before she had to hold up her end of the bargain. They say the Devil himself remains on vigil near the bridge on moonless nights, still waiting to collect those missing souls.


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Plan Your Next Travel in Ireland for A Perfect Relaxation



Sample Dublin Delicacies at Taste of Dublin


Dublin is increasingly being thought of as a foodie city, but eating out in restaurants for breakfast, lunch, and dinner can be expensive. If you want to taste the best that Dublin has to offer but restaurant hopping isn’t in your budget, you need to know about Taste of Dublin. This food festival takes place every June, and each year the best restaurants from around the city showcase their signature dishes, there is an artisan market, and you can watch cooking demonstrations from local chefs as well.


Keep the Kids Entertained at Blackrock Castle


Travelling with kids can be challenging to say the least. There are many beautiful sights around Ireland, but you have to try and keep your kids entertained at all times. Blackrock Castle in Cork can please both adults and kids, because while it’s a beautiful historic castle, the interior has been transformed into an observatory and interactive science museum. Your kids can even go on an interactive space mission and make decisions to change its course.


Stroll Through the Iconic Trinity College


Dublin is full of iconic buildings but there is none more famous than Trinity College. It is one of the seven ancient universities of Britain, and walking around the campus is like stepping back in time since the university dates back to the 16th century. The college grounds cover 47 acres of land, so it can be a great idea to go on a guided tour so that you can fully get to grips with the history and significance of this important part of Irish academia.


Hit a Few Golf Balls at the New Ross Golf Club


If your idea of a perfect getaway is packing up your clubs and hitting a few golf balls, Ireland certainly isn’t going to disappoint as there are plenty of mightily impressive golf courses over this green land. The New Ross Golf Club is over 100 years old, and can be found in the picturesque Wexford area. Just try not to be put off your game by the stunning Brandon and Blackstairs mountains in the background.


Sample Local Cheeses at Sheridan’s Cheesemongers


Ireland is a country full of greenery, which means there is lots of farming and wonderful food produce. For this reason, it’s imperative that you tuck into as much local grub as is humanly possible on your trip to Ireland’s capital. If you are a cheese fan, waste no time and head straight to Sheridan’s Cheesemongers in Dublin. The staff are friendly, know their stuff, and will always let you try before you buy, so a visit to Sheridan’s is the perfect place to sample the impressive breadth of Irish cheese making.


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Going Around Ireland


Get to Grips with Rural Ireland at the Museum of Country Life

Rural life has been something extremely important in the story of Ireland as a nation, and this is never more apparent than when you visit the Museum of Country Life in the village of Turlough. This museum covers country life from 1850-1950 with a staggeringly impressive range of temporary and permanent exhibitions. Inside the museum, you can learn about folk life and folklore, how rural life in Ireland was shaped by its natural resources, the activities in the home and on the farm, and the realities of working on the land.

Watch Dolphins at the Shannon Estuary

When you think of dolphin watching, you might think of places with warmer climes such as Mexico, but actually, there is a huge population of bottlenose dolphins off the coast of Ireland by the Shannon Estuary. It’s actually here that many dolphins give birth to their young, and if you are lucky, you might even get to see these young dolphins on a trip out on to the ocean.

Dance, Dance, Dance at Electric Picnic

If you fancy getting on board with Ireland’s summer festival scene, Electric Picnic is something that you really have to experience. This festival takes place at the end of August each year in Stradbally, and it’s often thought of as Ireland’s answer to Glastonbury. There’s a huge amount of live music at the festival with a leaning towards more electronic acts. Artists that have performed in the past include The Chemical Brothers, New Order, Royksopp, and Bjork.

Find Paradise on Dog’s Bay

When you think of perfect beach paradises around the world, Ireland might not be the first country that comes to mind, but we don’t think that any beach lovers will have a smidge of disappointment on a trip to Ireland. There are numerous lovely beaches, but we are particularly enamoured by Dog’s Bay in County Galway. Dog’s Bay has crystal clear waters and is perfectly safe for swimming – you just might want to visit in the summer for warmer swimming temperatures.

Take in a Cultural Event at Triskel Arts Centre

Although Ireland is in many ways a very traditional place, this is not to say that there is no contemporary arts scene to be found in the country, and when we want an injection of contemporary culture, we always head to the Triskel Arts Centre in Cork. Housed in a beautiful Christchurch building, there is always something going on. The arthouse cinema screens cool films every day, and you’ll find contemporary dance, poetry readings, and more.

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