Holiday with a Pet


Unable to leave your pet at home? Well, bring them along with you for a happy vacation. Here are some of the tips for traveling with them.

Fly the Pet-Friendly Skies

Flying with your pet is rather easier than it sounds as most airlines are particularly animal-friendly. But each airline has its own set of rules. Know more about these before you book a flight to be certain you can follow all the rules.

Most airlines lengthen 2 options to furry buddies–lift-on or checked. You may also have already got a favorite pet carrier, but inspect with the airline to be certain it meets rules. Recommendations for pet carriers range depending on how your cat or dog will be flying. Small pets may just come aboard as elevate-on luggage in a rough or gentle provider and ought to be stored underneath the seat during the flight. Larger pets on the way to be checked to travel in cargo have got to fly in a non-collapsible provider with an ample allocation of water. Traditionally, the load of the animal and the provider must not exceed a hundred pounds.

Hit the road

If you’re looking to journey by bus or train, you are most likely out of success. Most countrywide carriers do not allow animals, other than provider pets, on board. That limits you to your vehicle if you’re hoping to hit the open road. Car journey is extra handy on account that which you could set your own time table and have your furry pal nearby during your trip. There are some tips to take into account.

Do not let your cat or dog ride on your lap in the front seat. Let them look for a secure and risk-free spot in back seat or keep your pet in a service to hinder them from roaming around the vehicle and distracting you while driving.

Speak to your animal doctor before you go on board to check the excellent method to control your dog or cat’s anxiousness on the road. If your cat or dog will get anxious within your trip, your vet may recommend sedatives to ease their nerves and lower car illness. Pets can be ill on the travel like humans, but compromising the barf bag is somewhat more difficult.

Plan for plenty of pit stops alongside the best way for fresh air and toilet breaks. When it’s time for you to strike the rest stop, leave the window open a crack for ventilation and preclude leaving your pet in the car unattended for an expanded period. Severe weather condition will also be harmful for animals.

Home Away from Home

Some rentals have strict rules on pets. However, many welcome animals for a charge.

Before you go away for your trip, make yourself familiar with emergency vet clinics at your destination if you require an unexpected travel to the veterinary.


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Traveling with a Dog


Dogs are man’s best friend. It is very difficult to leave them to someone else if we travel to another place.

Here are some tips for taking your dog abroad:

  1. Plan. Some international locations like the UK require special tests four months before you arrive. The steps are not difficult but waiting times may vary.
  2. What’s in a breed? You probably have a pug or other short-nosed breed, many airlines won’t permit them due to increased difficulties in breathing while on the plane.
  3. Inspect or carry? Check if you’re going to determine your pet as cargo or bring them on the flight with you. In case your pet is not up to 25 lbs, it is up to you. If your pet is over 25 lbs, then they have got to be checked within the cargo area. In the event, you are checking your dog, then you need the right sized service.
  4. Call ahead. Some airlines need you to call them and book a reservation for your pet; other do not. Know their policy. Make sure to know the temperature requirements. There are times that it is too hot or cold in cargo for your pets.
  5. Compute the cost. Go non-stop if you can.
  6. Make sure that your pet fits. Your pet should be able to move freely inside the carrier. Carrier should be airline approved.
  7. Make sure to that you had your shots. You may need a certified vet to fill out a form stating that your dog has had the required rabies shots.
  8. Never mind sleeping pills. At the same time, you may need to pass out with some Ambien on the flight over, do not do your pet the equal favor. Any sort of tranquilizer is prohibited, as they may be able to make it complicated to your pet to breathe in the pressurized cabin. As a substitute, Benedryl is advised, and the dogs will have a nice sleep like babies.
  9. Food and drink. Remember to tape water bowl and food to the top of the carrier in case you are checking your dog into cargo. Label them in case you get separated from your pet and they need to feed them.
  10. THIS SIDE UP. Make sure to mark your carrier with signs like warnings and your contact details in case you get separated.


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How to Prevent Sickness While Travelling


Foods are one of the reasons why we travel to different places. We love tasting foods, but we need to consider our tummy’s condition when we eat different foods. To avoid consuming half of your travel to the toilet, it is better to know the local cuisines and how it will be absorbed by your belly.

First, you need to think that the food we cook at home is totally different from the food we eat abroad. It is how your body reacts to it. The only difference is between home-grown and foods abroad use more natural fertilizers which may contain bacteria that may cause intestinal problems.

Few of the most common illnesses is caused by salmonella, norovirus and E. coli. These foodborne illnesses are being watched by the WHO (World Health Organization) and CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention); it is advisable to check on these websites before you plan to travel to another place to check if they are affected.

Stay calm and relax, this is your best shield to fight against foodborne illnesses, be sensible. Here is a compilation of the tips for eating good and eating safely wherever you travel.

What (Not) to Eat and Drink

Drinking water is the most common source of dietary issues while on a travel, together with ice. Be careful in drinking water. Make sure that it is not contaminated as it may cause gastrointestinal distress. Avoid local tap water, look for bottle water instead.

Rampant bacteria may also reside in cheese, cold meat platters, unsealed mayonnaise and buffet foods.

Sea foods are well known for causing intestinal issues, as they acquire contaminants from different sources. Clams, mussels and other shellfish should always be avoided.

Cheese, yoghurt and other unpasteurized products should also be considered. Always check their pasteurization date; Canned milks are safer.

You may try to have shelled foods and nuts. They can be your good choice.

You may also try to keep your hot drinks black, as milk may be potentially contaminated. Look for cream that is sealed, it is usually safe.

Salad dressings, ketchup, mayonnaise and other condiments are safer if they are in sealed packages.

Be careful on what you order for steaks, ‘well done’ or ‘medium well, eat them if they are served hot. Be careful with egg sandwiches filled with raw vegetables.

Take notice to the effects of all drinks. Drink moderately.



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Cool Down and Expand Your Pallete with Some of Dublin’s Finest Foods



Eat the Best Burger of Your Life at Bunsen


Of course it’s fantastic to try out the local foods when you visit a new place, but sometimes the only thing that will hit the spot is a big, juicy burger. Well, you might actually have the best burger of your life in Dublin because Bunsen is a burger restaurant that is absolutely second to none. The refreshing thing about Bunsen is that it does a simple burger really well, without the frills. Forget your teriyaki burgers etc.. this is a place to get meat inside a bun, with a healthy portion of cheese, and a generous serving of fries on the side.


Cool Down With Handmade Ice Cream From Murphy’s


We’re gonna be straight up with you – on any given day in Dublin, you could experience any one of the four seasons. When it’s grey and drizzly outside, you may not feel like a bowl of ice cream, but once you’ve tried a spoonful from Murphy’s, you will totally change your mind. Ice cream at Murphy’s is made in the old fashioned way, with delicious local cream, full fat milk, free range eggs, and sugar. Some of the flavours you won’t want to miss include brown bread ice cream and simple sea salt. You’ll be back for a second scoop, guaranteed!


Expand Your Palette With a Horse Meat Sandwich


Have you ever felt so hungry that you could have eaten a horse? Well, would you be prepared to take the phrase literally? That’s right, over at Paddy Jack in Temple Bar they serve up horse meat sandwiches. It is a controversial choice, that is without a doubt, but the horse steak baguettes fly out the door, so there has to be something nice about them right? If you’re a food adventurer, you should most definitely add this to your Dublin bucket list!


Learn to Cook Like the Irish


Tucking into Irish food is all well and good, but how much more impressive would it be if you could actually learn to cook traditional Irish dishes so that you could host Irish dinner parties at home? Pretty darn impressive, we reckon. And that’s why you need to know about Dublin Cookery School.  This is the perfect school for tourists because they have evening or one day classes, so you don’t have to commit to a whole semester. Plus, you can learn how to make scrumptious local plates such as soda bread and beef stew.


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Travelling Internationally



What are the best times to travel abroad? Think of the peak and low season. If you know how to work these travel seasons, then you should be able to get airline tickets and accommodations at fair prices.

What to avoid?

Holiday seasons like Christmas and New year. They are the costliest seasons to travel. However, these are the days when we want to be with our families and most of the agencies are aware of it. We resist to pay for it for the sake of being with our loved ones. Almost the whole family traveling during this time. If you choose to miss the holidays altogether or decided to travel somewhere else besides home over Christmas season, try booking a travel before December 19th or after January 3rd.

Peak season or summer. We are all aware that summer is the best among any other season. Children are on break, weather is fine, and reunions and vacations are happening. All trips happen in this season such as beach, lake, honeymoon or international trips. If you tend to travel in cold places like North or South Hemisphere, put in mind that the seasons are completely different.

Spring break. After surviving on a cold and heavy snow then we will be ready to jet out of town again. If you could make your travel plans a few weeks before then you will be fine. You will be safe and will be avoiding college students and high booking prices. Late February and early April tends to be the spring break for everyone.

National Holidays. These are the times when the prices are higher as agencies are aware the you would want to escape from you’re your house and experience a perfect relaxation. Prices are shocking during these times.

Best times to travel.

Fall and spring. It’s a pity to roam around during these times when you are still studying or have a family. However, if you are young at heart and likes traveling then you may want to start booking your travel in these times. This is the perfect season to roam around as roads, shops and tours are mostly in order. Enjoy the beautiful colours of each country. If you can take a break from school or work on these seasons, then you are on a perfect time.

Wednesdays. They are also considered as the cheapest day to book tickets on. Imagine that people travel over the weekends starting on Fridays and getting back Sundays or Mondays, so think of the good dates, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday falls on cheaper prices.

Always be flexible with your booking travel. Make sure to plan and have a specific date set in your mind when you plan to have a travel so you can save yourself some money.



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How to Enjoy Your First Cruise


Cruising is the best way to relax and enjoy without thinking of applying for a visa, accommodations, restaurants and things to do.

Then what to do on your very first cruise? Here’s what you need to know.

It’s exciting. The best part of getting in a cruise is worry free. Compared to the actual vacation, you walk, you look for restaurants to eat, you wait for the buses, and needs to go back to your hotel after a tiring day.

The cruise is completely different at all. You can see people from different parts of the world enjoying the trip with you, like having a dinner on a table surrounded by different races. You just enjoy what the ship had to offer. You don’t need to think of going back to your hotel and have a rest after some activities and arranging your travel again for the next day. It is a perfect way to relax.

Don’t worry about buying the shore excursions that are on sale on the ship in advance. Do some research on the internet. Look for what ports to visit. If bus passes are needed, try purchasing them to avoid inconvenience.

Alcohols are pretty much expensive as you would not see the prices online. Try to control yourself while on a cruise, the more you enjoy it, the lesser you realize you have been drinking too much and without noticing that you will be paying more on top of your budget. Lounging in the pool? Try to get a small wine with dinner, just enjoy while watching the shows at night. Just be careful, as have been mentioned, try to control your drinks.

Get a travel insurance. It is better to be safer than sorry. Accidents are everywhere, remember that you are out to sea and it will be difficult to find a hospital.

Utilize the gym. They are normally open 18+ hours a day. You don’t spend time to walk on a cruise and the possibility of putting weight on is real. Life on a cruise is relaxing, there are lots of succulent foods to eat. Maintain your weight by doing some exercise.

Make sure to check the daily event list. You normally receive a booklet before boarding on a cruise ship. They have lots of activities to choose like yoga sessions or tournaments.

Don’t waste your time sleeping on cruise, wake up as early as you can every day as you only have a maximum of 8 eight hours at any port and depends on the weather, or how fast your ship can anchor. Avoid sleeping if you can help it.

Try to find other ways to have a good time. Getting a balcony room is not a solution for this. You are on o cruise, try to explore the things that will surely comfort you, like sunrises and sunsets as you can also see them in your own room. Use your money that will be useful for something.

Be friendly, it is easy to make friends if you reach out and talk to them. It is your chance to talk and hang out with other guests. Once you get comfortable they tend to open more. It is always good to get to know others from different parts of the world. They may give you some tips on your next travels.


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Travelling with Instagram: When to post a picture?


Social media has conquered everyone’s life especially during a travel. They pose and post. You keep everyone updated on your life events.

Instagram is one of the most sophisticated yet most exasperating social media site ever. It can be such a spoiled child to discipline, but once you get it, you can be an expert when it comes to publicity, followers and commitment.

Instagram is used worldwide. People use them depending on their time and their usual routine. You must consider the time zones. We all live on different time zones. People may not be updated about your travel posts if they are on different time zones and would mean zero exposure. Instagram now plays an important part in the life of a traveler. So, if you want to expose your adventures, be sensible and be aware of the things around you.

Why it is an issue?

If you want to expose and grow your Instagram account with your travels, never post your travel pictures in a wrong time. You need to plan when to post them or else your effort would be useless as they would become hidden under piles of other Instagram posts. And will be totally a waste of time.

When is the best time to post pictures on Instagram?

Obviously, we should be familiar with our target viewers. If you tend to have a lot of viewers in the United States, then you should follow their time when posting. When you live in South East Asia, posting your travel pictures at daytime will not give you best results. Always consider peak times in the US to receive more interaction from your followers, comments and likes.

7am, 5pm, and 2am United States Eastern Standard Time (EST) are the best time to post your travel pictures because these are the times when people are not busy or not working. These are the times when they just woke up, got off school or office, and bed time. Compare yourself with these, they are the times when you like scrolling down and watching your Instagram feed.

If you are aiming for high Instagram interactions, then you should try these tips. Do not let your beautiful pictures to wasted. Share your moments to the world. Let them see the excitement and fun of travelling. Give people some ideas about the places you have visited.


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